What is USPS Commercial Base Pricing?

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Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) is the name USPS has historically used to describe a class of discounted postage rates. These rates are lower than USPS Retail pricing.

Over the last few years, USPS has updated their pricing structure to match the industry norm - leading carriers offer one set of commercial prices. As of January 27, 2019, the USPS completed the union of Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) and Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP). The two rate classes deliver the same postage prices for all major USPS shipping methods.

As a notable advantage among commercial rates, there are no volume requirements to receive Commercial Base Pricing discounts. Rather, these rates are available through certain use case scenarios:

  • USPS-approved online shipping solutions, including ShippingEasy, who use a qualifying shipping label manager.
  • Customers using permit imprint with the Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode. Learn more
  • Permit holders using Merchandise Return Service (MRS). Learn more
  • Customers using USPS-approved IBI postage meters, with some restrictions. Learn more

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