What is Commercial Base Pricing?

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Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) is a discounted postage rate offered by USPS. The rates are lower than Retail Pricing, but higher than Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP). Though unlike Commercial Plus Pricing, there are no volume requirements to receive these discounts. Rather, these rates are only available through certain use case scenarios:

  • USPS-approved online shipping solutions, including ShippingEasy, who use a qualifying shipping label manager, including those produced by Endicia.
  • Customers using permit imprint with the Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode. Learn more
  • Permit holders using Merchandise Return Service (MRS). Learn more
  • Customers using USPS-approved IBI postage meters, with some restrictions. Learn more

ShippingEasy offers Commercial Base Pricing for all subscription plans. Paid plans are also eligible for Commercial Plus Pricing. Learn more about Commercial Plus Pricing and how much you can save on postage with ShippingEasy.


What USPS services are available at Commercial Base Pricing?

How much will I save over Post Office prices with Commercial Base Pricing?

Anytime you check discounts, make sure the discounts are up to date. At the time of this writing (January 2016) the discounts are as follows:




First Class Mail up to 65% up to 5%
Media Mail same as retail  
Parcel Select up to 48%  
Priority Mail up to 51% up to 5%
Priority Mail Express up to 10% up to 5% 


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