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Buy Labels enable you to purchase many labels with less than three clicks from the ORDERS page. The ultimate "Quick Ship", orders which qualify for different carrier services may be purchased simultaneously!

How do Buy Labels work?

Buy Labels couples oversight with efficiency, using the automation that you build to provide rate quotes on the ORDERS page. You can select which orders you're ready to ship, then purchase labels - all from the ORDERS page.

If an order has a Shipping Preset assigned by a Shipping Rule, then ShippingEasy will try to get a rate quote. If the rate quote is successful, a label can be purchased from the ORDERS page by selecting the order and then clicking the Buy Labels button.

Even better, multiple orders can be selected at once, regardless of different Shipping Presets. Buy Labels offers all of the benefits of batching without the need to make sure all orders are being shipped the same way - plus the convenience of Quick Ship!

Once the Buy Labels button is selected, a window displays to confirm the postage purchase amount. Select Buy and your labels will print to your selected printer. If you have selected a label format that does not include packing slips, you will be able to choose to print packing slips when you print your labels with Buy Labels.

For more details, take a look at our step by step guide.

What settings do I need to configure to use Buy Labels?

Verify that the following settings have been configured:
  • Auto-Refill Balance
  • Arrange Columns
Auto-Refill Balance

If a One Balance account runs out mid-buy, the label purchase will not be successful. To avoid interruptions, we recommend setting up automatic refills to specify how much money you would like to add to your balance when you reach a minimum threshold. Learn how to set up Auto Refills.

Arrange Columns:

Customizing columns on the ORDERS page puts rate quote and Shipping Preset information at your fingertips. Learn more about customizing columns.

Additional options can be used to set the carrier service:
  • Previous selections
  • Shipping Presets
  • Shipping Rules
Previous Selections:

These do not need to be configured. Rather, they are automatic recommendations made by ShippingEasy for how to ship each order, based on past order history. Learn more about previous selections.

Shipping Presets:

These are saved combinations of your most used carrier, service, and packaging. Use these to manually override a previous selection or use Shipping Rules to apply them to orders automatically. Learn how to create Shipping Presets.

Shipping Rules:

Also called mapping, these allow you to automate your preferences. Use these to apply a Saved Carrier Selection to your orders, instead of ShippingEasy's previous selection recommendation. Learn how to create a Shipping Rules or read our FAQs.

Why is the Buy Labels option missing from the buttons at the top of the ORDERS page?

ShippingEasy provides two options for using the ORDERS page: Advanced View and Standard View. The Buy Labels button is only visible in the Advanced View. Learn more.

To switch between the Advanced and Standard views, locate the Advanced View switch in the bottom left corner of the ORDERS page, and toggle on or off.

Will labels be sent directly to my printer or to my print queue?

It depends on whether or not you have integrated your printer with ShippingEasy via ConnectEasy.

Can I see if a rate quote was obtained?

Yes. There is an optional column on the ORDERS page, "Rate", which will display the rate quote. Learn how to customize which columns are displayed.

  • If a rate quote was obtained: the rate is shown in the "Rate" column.
  • If no rate quote was available: then "Rate" indicates "No Rate".
  • If some sort of error prevented a rate quote from being obtained: an error indicator is shown; click it to get the details.

Can I filter my orders for just those with a successful rate quote?

Yes. There is a filter on the left-hand side of the ORDERS page, "Rate Quote", that makes it easy to filter to just the orders that have a valid rate quote.

Just expand the "Rate Quote" filter and select With a rate quote. Your orders will filter to display only those that returned a successful rate quote.

If you regularly use the "Rate Quote" filter with other filters, consider setting up a Saved View. Learn how to set up Saved Views.

Can I see which Shipping Preset has been applied to the order?

Yes. There is an optional column on the ORDERS page, "Shipping Preset", which will indicate which Shipping Preset has been applied to each order via your Shipping Rules or from a previous selection.
Learn how to customize which columns are displayed.

  • If a Shipping Preset has been applied to an order: then the name of the Shipping Preset will appear in this column. Any rate quotes shown will be for the specified Shipping Preset.
  • If no Shipping Preset was applied: then the "Shipping Preset" column indicates a Recommend or Previous Selection.

Can I automatically advance the date of my labels when using Buy Labels?

Yes. Advance label date settings can be automatically applied if using a cut off time in the profile settings. Learn how to automatically advance dates on shipping labels.

ShippingEasy will display the Est. Label Date at the top of the Buy Labels popup.

Can I print packing slips with my labels?

Yes. To do so, you must select a label format without a packing slip to prevent duplicate packing slips from printing. This will give you the option to print packing slips from the ORDERS page before processing your labels.

Check the Print Packing Slips checkbox to print packing slips with your labels. ShippingEasy will remember your Print Packing Slips setting when you click the Buy button.

Can I filter my shipments by purchase batch?

Yes. Groups of labels purchased together via Buy Labels will be assigned a Batch ID. The Batch ID for Buy Labels purchases will always end in the letter "P". This Batch ID can be searched from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn how to filter shipments.

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