How can I track an international shipment with RR Donnelley?

Eligible international RR Donnelley shipments can be tracked on RR Donnelley's Track site. Once a label is successfully generated via ShippingEasy, the first tracking event will occur on the RR Donnelley website.

International Services with tracking include:

  • Priority Parcel DelCon DDP
  • IPA
  • Courier DDP
  • Economy Parcel
  • Priority Parcel DDU
  • ISAL
  • Priority Parcel DelCon DDU
  • Courier DDU
  • Priority Parcel
  • ePacket

Customer notifications

You can create an email template directing customers to track on the RR Donnelley website. The shipping confirmation email template should include:

  • RR Donnelley website link
  • Tracking number

Learn more about ShippingEasy's tools to create a custom shipment notification email.


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