How can I track an international shipment with RR Donnelley?

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Tracking orders with RR Donnelley is easy!

Eligible international RR Donnelley shipments can be tracked on RR Donnelley's PPX Track site.

Services include:

  • Priority Parcel DelCon DDP
  • IPA
  • Courier DDP
  • Priority Parcel DelCon DDU
  • Courier DDU
  • ePacket

Once a label is successfully generated via ShippingEasy, the first tracking event will occur on the RR Donnelley website.

RR Donnelley Tracking FAQ’s are available at

RR Donnelley customers using Shipping Easy via Endicia may want to create an email template directing customers to track on the RR Donnelley website. Endicia automatically pushes tracking information to the USPS website.  

Email template should include:

  • RR Donnelley website link
  • Tracking number

Learn more about ShippingEasy's tools to create a custom shipment notification email.


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