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Whenever you’re considering shipping with custom boxes it's important to weigh your options to determine if this is the best method for your packaging needs. You have several different options for boxes, including USPS' Flat Rate boxes that you can order for free. Be sure to consider your options to get the best value.


Free Supplies Showcase the Carrier

Many carriers offer free boxes that feature their branding. They'll even deliver them to your home or warehouse. You provide an opportunity to advertise and use their service in exchange for the free supplies. Learn more about ordering free supplies from these carriers:

Custom Boxes Broadcast your Brand

Purchasing custom boxes is an extra expense. In exchange you get the opportunity to showcase your brand on your shipments. People see your custom boxes and instantly get your name in their minds. Having your custom boxes delivered is essentially free advertising when your products are in transit.

Postage Costs

Flat Rate Services Feature Flat Costs

When you use free Flat Rate boxes from USPS, you have the ability to utilize Flat Rate services which can save you a significant amount of money if you're shipping heavy products long distances. Both Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express offer a range of options. Learn more about these USPS services:

One of the biggest cost savers for local shipments is Regional Rate Flat Rate Boxes. Learn more.

NOTE: With custom boxes, even if it is the exact same dimensions as the Flat Rate Boxes, it cannot be shipped as a Flat Rate.

Weight and Dimensional Rates Reward Strategic Packing

Using your own packaging can easily save you money on shipping costs - or drive them up if you are not careful about your package choices.

There are several shipping options available that are inherently less expensive than Flat Rate services. For instance, if you are shipping items less than 1 pound, First-Class Package Service is very cost effective. And for books, Media Mail rates cannot be beat. Learn more about services that compete with USPS Flat Rate on price.

If you have small, but heavy packages, dimensional rates could yield significant savings. ShippingEasy offers exclusive volume-based pricing, Flat Rate Green. Learn more about Flat Rate Green.

In contrast, if you have very large packages, you may find yourself paying a premium for the extra volume. Not only are you paying more for the larger boxes, but carriers often charge a dimensional (DIM) weight surcharge. Learn more about DIM weight and how it affects rates.

Making a Choice

When you ship your own custom boxes it gives the customer a tangible experience with your company. Once they receive your package they have a personal interaction with your business.

Advertising is a powerful tool, but it is also important to control your costs. Remember to consider the cost of buying packaging when comparing postage costs. The time spent running the numbers and working out a well considered package strategy will be well spent. For more tips, ShippingEasy shares strategies for selecting packaging and streamlining shipping.

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