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Amazon allows approved merchants to manage their own fulfillment of Amazon Prime orders - as long as the shipping labels are purchased from Amazon - through Seller Fulfilled Prime.

ShippingEasy supports Seller Fulfilled Prime: you can purchase your shipping labels from Amazon within ShippingEasy, the same as when you purchase labels directly from USPS, UPS, FedEx, or Dynamex in ShippingEasy.

We cover the most commonly asked questions about shipping Amazon Prime orders in ShippingEasy within the sections below. If you are experiencing specific errors with shipping these orders, take a look at our troubleshooting guide.

How does the Seller Fulfilled Prime integration work?

Seller Fulfilled Prime labels are generated through Amazon’s Buy Shipping Label API. ShippingEasy connects to this API through our Premium Integration functionality as Amazon requires that Seller Fulfilled Prime labels are generated on Amazon’s label server instead of our own.

How do I get Seller Fulfilled Prime enabled in ShippingEasy?

Contact our Customer Success team to enable Seller Fulfilled Prime for your ShippingEasy account. Find links to email, call, or chat us in the top left of your account.

Customers on the free Starter plan can email with their account information to request Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Is there a fee associated with using Seller Fulfilled Prime in ShippingEasy?

Yes. Given the Premium Integration status, Seller Fulfilled Prime labels generated through ShippingEasy incur a small fee of $0.20 per label. Only SFP labels incur the additional fee – all other Amazon orders, any order from your other websites and manual orders do not incur the additional fee.

You’ll receive one invoice at the end of the month for your Seller Fulfilled Prime labels created through ShippingEasy that month. So, if you purchase 25 Seller Fulfilled Prime labels in April, you’ll receive an invoice for $5.00 (25 x $0.20) at the end of April.

You can view this invoice on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page, under the Invoice tab. It will list the Invoice Type as "Amazon Label Fee" and the price for labels for the month.

Amazon Prime is enabled for my ShippingEasy account, but I'm missing orders. What do I do?

After your ShippingEasy account is enabled to sync Amazon Prime orders, future orders will automatically sync. If you have existing, unshipped Amazon Prime orders that you would like to process through ShippingEasy, please reach out to our Customer Success team. Find links to email, chat, or call us in the top left corner of your account. Our team will need to know the date the oldest unshipped order was placed.

Will ShippingEasy show me Amazon Prime orders if I do not have Seller Fulfilled Prime enabled?

No. To prevent the accidental shipping of Amazon Prime orders using non-Amazon shipping labels, ShippingEasy does not read Amazon Prime orders from your Seller Central account unless the Seller Fulfilled Prime feature is enabled in ShippingEasy.

How can I see which orders are Amazon Prime orders?

On the ORDERS page, there is an optional column for "Prime" orders. Learn more about customizing columns.

The ORDERS page also has a filter for "Prime" orders. Learn more about filtering orders.

TIP: save your filtered selections for easy single-click filtering next time, with our Saved Views feature. Learn more.

How can I enable Amazon Prime carriers for my ShippingEasy account?

Carrier services for Amazon Prime shipments are provided through Amazon's shipping services. There are several carriers available and you will need to enable all of them, even if you do not plan to use them all, in order for ShippingEasy to access shipping rates.

To enable Amazon's shipping services, accept the Terms and Conditions within your Amazon Seller Central account:

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account.
  2. Click through this link:
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Now ShippingEasy will be able to access Amazon's shipping rates!

Will I get the same shipping rates for Amazon Prime orders?

Not necessarily.

When you purchase USPS shipping labels in ShippingEasy for any type of order other than an Amazon Prime order, you get the market-leading low USPS rates that are associated with your ShippingEasy plan type. Similarly, for UPS and FedEx, you get whatever rates you negotiated with UPS or FedEx for your account.

But for shipping labels purchased from Amazon, Amazon provides access to a set of rates across USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Those Amazon rates will be used unless you connect your own UPS or FedEx account in Amazon to access your negotiated rates. USPS labels can only be purchased at Amazon's rates.

Which carriers can I use to ship Amazon Prime and non-Prime orders?

Buying shipping labels from Amazon works a little differently than buying directly from the carriers. For an Amazon Prime order, there will be up to four specific entries in the Carriers list on the READY TO SHIP page. You cannot use the Amazon carriers to ship orders that are not Amazon Prime.

The "- Amazon" in the name indicates that Amazon is printing the shipping label and that Amazon will charge you for that shipping label. So for example, your Endicia account will not be charged for USPS - Amazon shipping labels.

ShippingEasy supports these four Amazon carriers:

USPS - Amazon
UPS - Amazon
FedEx - Amazon
Dynamex - Amazon

NOTE: Amazon requires an email address be associated with the Ship From address, in order to access the Amazon carrier options. Learn more about editing your STORE ADDRESS settings

Which carrier services can I use to ship Amazon Prime orders?

The specific service(s) that can be used to ship an Amazon Prime order is determined by Amazon.

For example: if you ship from California and an order's recipient is in New York, Amazon will provide ShippingEasy with a shorter list of eligible carrier services to display than if the recipient was near your shipping location.

ShippingEasy only displays the carrier services that Amazon indicates are eligible for use with a specific Amazon Prime order.

Can I access cubic rates through Amazon?

Yes. When you have selected USPS Priority Mail and entered package dimensions for a custom package type, ShippingEasy will apply cubic rates to the shipment when the cost is lower than a weight-based shipment. To take advantage of this savings, you must set up custom packaging and then enter in the correct dimensions. Learn more.

When I purchase USPS shipping labels, is my Endicia account used?

No. When you purchase a USPS shipping label from Amazon, Amazon bills you for it directly in your Seller Central account. Your Endicia account balance does not change.

What should I know about USPS and Amazon?

Amazon has negotiated their own set of rates with USPS, thus limiting what USPS services can be used with Amazon Prime.

Can I create a USPS pickup request with my Amazon Prime shipment?

No. Amazon does not provide any support for USPS pickup requests.
USPS provides the option to manually request pick up service from Learn more.

Can I create a USPS SCAN form for my Amazon Prime USPS shipments?

No. Unfortunately Amazon does not provide an equivalent feature for USPS shipments created by Amazon. So all Amazon Prime shipments sent via USPS will not be listed on any SCAN form. For all other USPS shipments, ShippingEasy uses Endicia's SCAN form service.

Can I see the Delivery status for Amazon Prime USPS shipments in my Shipment History?

No. Unfortunately Amazon does not provide an equivalent feature for USPS shipments created by Amazon. For all other USPS shipments, ShippingEasy uses Endicia's delivery status information.

Can I buy an Amazon Prime label if the address is not valid according to USPS?

Yes. You can purchase shipping labels for Amazon Prime orders even if the recipient address is not valid according to USPS. A warning message will be displayed on READY TO SHIP to let you know that Amazon will not allow editing of the address, so the shipment label will have an address that did not validate.

Can I add my store logo to my USPS Amazon Prime label?

No. Currently, ShippingEasy does not support this. Any logo uploaded to ShippingEasy will not be added to Prime labels.

What should I know about using Dynamex?

Is Dynamex supported?

Yes, Dynamex, the carrier that Amazon uses for same-day deliveries is supported. Note that the origin and destination addresses for a shipment must be in one of the zip codes that Dynamex supports.

Can I use other carriers instead of Dynamex for same day delivery?

No, not at this time. If no services are listed under Dynamex then you will need to login to your Amazon Seller Central account and purchase a same day delivery label directly from Amazon.

Can I cancel or duplicate a Dynamex shipment?

No, not at this time. Amazon does not yet support canceling a Dynamex shipment and since an Amazon Prime shipment can only be duplicated if the previous shipment has been canceled, it is not possible to duplicate Dynamex shipments.

Can I insure a Dynamex shipment?

No, not at this time. ShippingEasy's partner for shipment insurance, Shipsurance, does not currently provide insurance for Dynamex shipments.

Can I create a Dynamex shipment that I then drop off at the Dynamex office?

No, not at this time. All Dynamex shipments are created so that Dynamex will pick up the package at your location. We are interested in hearing customer feedback on the importance of supporting Dynamex as a carrier for Amazon Prime shipments.

Can I edit an Amazon Prime order?

Yes, you can change the weight.

However, no other attributes on the order can be changed. Amazon does not provide support in their software for ShippingEasy to specify anything about the shipment for an order other than the weight and the dimensions of the box.

For example: ShippingEasy will not tell Amazon which destination address is used, so changing it in ShippingEasy would lead to confusion - the address shown in ShippingEasy would not match the address that Amazon actually used to create the shipping label.

Can I buy Amazon shipping labels for Amazon Prime orders that come into ShippingEasy from Stitch Labs, Solid Commerce, or Channel Advisor?

Currently, we support purchasing Amazon shipping labels for Channel Advisor. Learn more.

We have requested that both Stitch Labs and Solid Commerce update their software so that ShippingEasy will be able to determine that an order is Amazon Prime. Further, these companies will need to update their software so that your appropriate Amazon account credentials are available to ShippingEasy for purchasing labels from Amazon for your Prime orders.

TIP: if you need this feature, please let your contact at Stitch Labs or Solid Commerce know so that they will prioritize getting that work done.

Can I combine or split Amazon Prime orders?

No. Amazon does not support creating a shipping label for more than one Amazon Prime order and does not support partial fulfillment of an Amazon Prime order.

Can I mark an Amazon Prime order as shipped?

No. Amazon does not provide any support for third parties like ShippingEasy to just send an existing tracking number back to Amazon for an Amazon Prime order. Moreover, without a tracking number, Amazon will not acknowledge that you have shipped the order.

If I cancel a Prime order in Amazon, will it automatically be cleared in ShippingEasy?

Yes, if an order is cancelled in Amazon, it will be cleared from ShippingEasy. However, the order must remain on the ORDERS page for any updates to reach the order from Amazon. If the order is moved from the ORDERS page at any point before being cancelled in Amazon, the order will not clear from ShippingEasy, and instead will need to be manually cleared. Learn more about deleting orders.

If I ship an Amazon Prime order outside of ShippingEasy, what's the best way to remove it from ShippingEasy?

In most cases, ShippingEasy will automatically remove shipped orders that are still present on the ORDERS page. However, if you have Amazon orders that were moved from the ORDERS page and you do not intend to ship via ShippingEasy, we recommend manually clearing them from ShippingEasy. Learn more about deleting orders.

Can I duplicate an Amazon Prime order's shipment?

Yes, but you must first cancel the existing shipment. The limitation is that Amazon does not support duplicate shipments for a single order. But if the original shipment is canceled, then ShippingEasy will allow you to create a duplicate shipment.

Can I create a return label for an Amazon Prime shipment?

No. Amazon does not provide any support for creating return labels for Amazon Prime orders.

Can I create an international shipment for an Amazon Prime order?

No. In the software that Amazon makes available to third parties such as ShippingEasy, Amazon does not provide any support for creating international shipment labels for Amazon Prime orders.

Can I batch Amazon Prime orders to purchase shipping labels?

Yes, but the available carriers and services will be limited to just those that Amazon will allow for all shipments within the batch. So finding the common carrier and service for a batch of orders could get complicated and potentially more time consuming than shipping the orders individually.

Further, a really fast technique for fulfilling Prime orders is to create Saved Carrier selections and then define Shipping Rules that assign those Saved Carrier selections to your Amazon Prime orders. You can then easily purchase multiple orders at one time using the Buy & Print button on the ORDERS page. Learn more about Buy & Print.

Can I use Saved Carrier Selections to ship Amazon Prime orders?

Yes. However when shipping Amazon Prime orders, ShippingEasy only displays the Saved Carrier Selections that specify an Amazon carrier and service. This is because Amazon Prime orders can only be shipped using Amazon shipping services. Since Amazon controls the list of valid carriers/services on a per-order basis, we do not apply previous shipment selection to Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.

Any of your Saved Carrier Selections which specific non-Amazon services will not be available for Amazon Prime orders.

Can I identify which orders are Amazon Prime orders in a shipping rule?


Using the Order is Amazon Prime condition, select is true.

Then use the THEN to apply a Saved Carrier Selection, order category and/or other action.

Can I set a shipment date in the future for an Amazon Prime shipment?

No. Amazon does not provide any support for post dating a shipment.

Can I use Multi-box shipment with Amazon Prime?

No. We do not currently support "multi-box " functionality with Amazon Prime orders.

What package types are supported for Amazon Prime with ShippingEasy?

Carrier Service Name Packaging
USPS First Class Custom
USPS Priority Mail Custom
USPS Priority Mail Express Custom
USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Legal Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box
USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate A Box
USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate B Box
USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate C Box
USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Padded Envelope
USPS Priority Mai Flat Rate Legal Envelope
UPS UPS Ground Custom
UPS UPS Next Day Air Custom
UPS UPS Next Day Air Saver Custom
UPS UPS 2nd Day Air Custom
UPS UPS 3 Day Select Custom
FedEx FedEx 2Day® Custom
FedEx FedEx 2Day®A.M. Custom
FedEx FedEx Express Saver® Custom
FedEx FedEx Ground® Custom
FedEx Priority Overnight® Custom
FedEx Standard Overnight® Custom
FedEx FedEx Home Delivery® Custom



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