What is a Certificate of Mailing?

A certificate of mailing is a form to provide evidence of mailing. It is a great way to keep track of your mailing history and gives you a physical copy showing you mailed a certain number of items. The certificate of mailing is good as an initial record of when items were sent, however, be aware that it does not provide a record of delivery. To be sure the delivery of your package was complete, it's best to get signature confirmation from the recipient. Learn how to set up a shipping rule for signature confirmation with ShippingEasy.

With which services can I get a certificate of mailing?

Available for:

  • First-Class Mail 
  • Priority Mail 
  • Parcel Return Service, 
  • Standard Post (also known as Parcel Select)

Which PS Form do I need?

There are a variety of PS Forms, but specific ones are given to the postmaster when you arrive in order to receive your certificate of mailing.

Available PS Forms:

  • PS Form 3817: Used for single pieces of mail. You’ll need to attach the fee and have the permit imprint.
  • PS Form 3877: Used for three or more pieces of mail. This is a USPS-approved, customer-generated itemized list and must contain the same information as the USPS form.
  • PS Form 3606: Used for bulk mailings. This mailing certificate will be used to verify how many items you sent. All of the items need to be the exact same weight and size. If the postmaster checks and they are not, all the same, you will not receive a certificate until they are identical. Learn how ShippingEasy makes bulk shipping organized and efficient.


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