Why did the Ship To zip code change when the order pulled into ShippingEasy?

Sometimes, when an order pulls into ShippingEasy, the Ship To zip code will be updated.

Here's why:

That address is not valid according to USPS.

To determine if the address is not valid, put the address without any zip code, just street and city/state into the USPS Zip code lookup web page.

For example:

160 W 35TH ST

If not valid, USPS.com will return this error message:

"The address you provided is not recognized by the US Postal Service as an address we serve. Mail sent to this address may be returned."

For this reason, we don't offer a suggested "better" address from our ORDERS page - any suggestion returned by USPS is still not a valid address for USPS delivery.

The reason we modified the zip code is because if USPS does suggest a different zip code, even in situations where the address is not deliverable, we go ahead and use the better zip code.
It's a clue the merchant can use to try to figure out: where in the world does my buyer actually receive mail?

In this particular case, the zip code returned by USPS is 10001, so we updated the zip code. 

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