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We agree, there is nothing like the anticipation of orders streaming through your store! Your customers will be equally excited to receive your products. So, you will need to be prepared to ship them out quickly.

Shipping Presets ensure that your most commonly used shipping options are easily accessible and allow you to ship the fastest way for your company!

First, identify which services you will use this season

There are dozens of carrier services available. Knowing which carrier services will get your packages to your customers in time and at the lowest price will ensure that you maximize your profits.

Meet a deadline:

Depending on your selling season, you may have a hard deadline to meet. Many carriers post cut-off dates - deadlines to get your packages in the mail stream to be delivered in time for key holidays.

2020 holiday cut-off dates for USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL eCommerce.

It is best to be prepared to use at least one overnight service. These are the fastest services available through ShippingEasy:

Then also identify one or more standard services, which will ensure a timely delivery at a lower cost. These are the most popular options:

Learn more about all the available mail classes available in ShippingEasy
Your ShippingEasy account includes a USPS One Balance account, make sure it is set up to get access to all USPS services. If you have an existing UPS or FedEx account, connect these to access your negotiated rates.
Manage your costs:

As one might expect, the faster the service, the more it will cost. There may be circumstances where a package must be delivered the next day. However, you will find considerable cost savings when delivery can be delayed a few days.

As much as possible, plan ahead to avoid the extra cost. However, on-time delivery is well worth it when your customer buys from you again!

Learn more about the most cost-effective way to ship your packages via USPS.


Next, save combinations of carriers and services that made your shortlist

Using ShippingEasy's Shipping Preset database will give you quick access to the services that you are going to use daily, as well as open up a range of shipping options:

Learn more about accessing your Shipping Presets.

Before you set up your Shipping Presets, make sure that you have saved your frequently used package types. Check out our seasonal "packaging" tips.

Set up a Shipping Preset

  1. Click on the SETTINGS tab at the top right of the page.
  3. You will see two tabs for Domestic and International presets. Each account will have 6 domestic and 7 international preset package options already available. Above the tabs, click New Preset.
  4. Click on the Domestic or International tab depending on which destination you want to create a new preset option for. Then, click on the carrier you want to ship with.
    You can add a new carrier from this page by clicking Add new carrier.
  5. Select to create a new Shipping Preset package by clicking Add New Package.
  6. In the popup modal, name the package and enter in the dimensions, override weight or add-to weight if necessary. Then click Save & Continue.
  7. For even faster shipping, you can add a keyboard shortcut to assign this package on the ORDERS page. Learn how to use HotKey shortcuts.
  8. If you are creating a domestic preset and use this package frequently, you can check the box to make it a default. This action will override the Instant Rate package selection on the ORDERS page.
  9. Click Create Preset.
On the READY TO SHIP page:
  1. From the SHIPMENTS tab, select READY TO SHIP.
  2. On the READY TO SHIP page, select one combination of Carrier, Carrier Service, and Packaging that made your list. Learn how to select a carrier and service for your shipments.
    You can create a custom package that includes the specific weights and dimensions that can be part of shipping presets. Learn how to create a custom package.
    Keep in mind that if package dimensions and saved packages are entered on READY TO SHIP, both will be saved.
  3. On the right-hand side of the "Carrier Services and Packaging" section, locate "Save Shipping Preset" and check the box by Save the selected carrier, service, and packaging for future use.
  4. A dialog box will appear. Assign a name to your carrier selections.
    If you would like this to be your default option when orders are loaded on the READY TO SHIP page, check the box Make Default?

    If you would like to assign a keyboard shortcut, select from the available list. The selected shortcut will choose these carrier selections on the READY TO SHIP page.
    Separate carrier selections and defaults will need to be made for International and Domestic shipments. So, if you have selected your default on domestic orders, then orders will only default for domestic orders, etc.

This Shipping Preset will be available for future shipments.

If you would like to save a different combination, just jump back to step 2 and repeat.
To mark your most common selections as defaults:

Select a single domestic and single international Shipping Presets as a default and your orders will appear on the READY TO SHIP page with these selections pre-loaded.

If you are interested in ORDERS page shipping, you can set up to 10 domestic and 10 international Shipping Presets as defaults. This will make them available for Instant Label and Buy Labels.

  1. On the SETTINGS page, select SHIPPING PRESETS.
  2. Click on the name of the Shipping Preset you would like to make the default shipping preset.
  3. Check the box under the name next to Make default domestic preset.
  4. Click Update Preset.
  5. Default Preset will now appear under the name of the preset on the SHIPPING PRESET page.
Repeat again for up to 10 domestic and 10 international Shipping Presets.


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