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If you are shipping with ShippingEasy, we have the tools and tips to keep you going without skipping a beat all year long.

Get a head start preparing for any expected influx of orders by making sure you have enough supplies to ship your product.

Select the Right Packaging for the Best Value

Carriers Provide Free Packaging

If you use carrier-specific or flat rate packaging, you can find the packaging you need for free. More than likely, you can even have it delivered to your door! We have links to major carriers' ordering pages:

Also, consider asking your carrier representative if they can assist you with automatic packaging refills.

Custom Packages Control Shipping Costs and Advertise Your Brand

If you use custom packaging, check with your supplier to see if they offer a volume discount. It may be worth getting a little extra - not only for the added savings - but also in case your sales exceed expectations.

Although using custom packaging may appear to cost a little more upfront, that is not necessarily the case when it's all said and done. In fact, there are a lot of advantages to using custom packages. To name a few:

  • Cheaper postage: depending on the weight and dimensions of your packages, you may end up paying less for postage than other carriers' options. This is especially true if your package qualifies for reduced dimensional rates or DIM weight surcharges.
  • Branding: when using your own packaging, you have a blank slate to promote your brand. A box with your logo is like a mobile billboard!
  • Save on packing materials: a well-sized box means you use less packing materials to secure contents. Proper packing is key to safe delivery and the best rates, but supply cost can add up. Avoid six common packing mistakes.

ShippingEasy customers can take advantage of custom packaging at low rates through our partner, Brandable Box. Brandable Box offers unique packaging options made from recycled cardboard, including an option to add your logo at no extra cost. Depending on the amount of your first order, the following offers can help you save at checkout:

  • Spend $50, Save 5% use code SAVE5
  • Spend $100, Save 10% use code SAVE10
  • Spend $150, Save 15% use code SAVE15

Labels, Tape, and Packing Materials Safeguard Delivery

Don't forget that you will need to fill dead space with packing material, seal the package, and put a label on it.


Reduce Package Size and Weight to Keep Postage Cost Down

Envelopes Add Less Weight Than Boxes

Light weight envelopes can save considerably on weight. Envelopes often pack up smaller than boxes, too, which can help avoid DIM weight surcharges. It is best to purchase quality envelopes that can withstand wear, tear, and weather.

Not All Packing Materials are Equal

Packing materials are necessary for cushioning, but can quickly add weight to packages. Aim to use lightweight packing materials where possible. For instance, inflatable cushioning will weigh less than packing peanuts.

Just remember, packing materials have a job to fill. So, this might not be the place to cut corners if you are shipping high value or fragile items.

Optimize Box Sizes for the Best Rates

Dimensional (cubic) pricing and dimensional (DIM) weight pricing are based on volume (length x width x height) rather than physical weight.

  • Dimensional (cubic) pricing for small packages: when packages are very small (less than 0.5 cubic feet in volume) they can secure you lower-dimensional (cubic) rates. Learn about USPS dimensional pricing.
  • Dimensional (DIM) weight pricing for large packages: on the other hand, dimensional (DIM) weight pricing applies to larger packages that are relatively light weight. Learn about DIM weight pricing.

If you can keep multiple box sizes on hand, be aware of which size you are selecting when packing orders. This is enough to optimize huge savings in your process across all orders.

Remove Extra Weight

Batteries add extra weight to shipments. They can also cause your products to make noises or vibrations that result in extra inspection and delays or - worse yet - no delivery at all.


Configure your Shipping Solution to Automate Operations

Save Package Dimensions to Save Time and Get Accurate Rates

Entering package dimensions - including length, width, height, and weight - is key to ensuring that you receive accurate rates. However, entering this data for each shipment can be both tedious and time-consuming. Check into your shipping solution to see what options are available to save the dimensions of your most used packaging.

If you are subscribed to ShippingEasy, you can save dimensions in your PACKAGE SETUP settings. Learn how to save custom packaging.

Assign Carrier Services that Optimize Rates

First, get to know the carriers that are available to you. Many shippers use USPS services for their versatile and cost-effective services. For instance, USPS Priority Mail supports dimensional pricing, which offers lower rates for small packages.

Once you have found the optimal mix of carrier services that compliment your packaging, set up rules to map services to shipments. This step takes a little planning, but ultimately saves tremendous time making shipping decisions and ensures that shipping selections are well-considered regardless of who is doing your shipping.

If you are subscribed to ShippingEasy, you can set up custom Shipping Rules to assign carrier services to orders and shipments. See a Shipping Rule for assigning a package and dimensions.


With a little attention to your packaging, you can maximize your profits! Check out more e-commerce best practices.


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