Edit SKU Weights in the Product Catalog while Shipping | How To

If you're using the Products catalog, ShippingEasy will use the stored weight for each Product SKU to override the weights of your orders. However, if you find that any of your Product SKUs have the wrong weight stored, you can also choose to update your saved Products catalog weight while you ship! There are two ways to do this:

Important requirements for updates to save to your Product Catalog

Edit Individual SKU Weights, from the READY TO SHIP page

  1. Create a shipment for an order containing a single line item.
  2. Edit the shipment Weight.
  3. Check the box to Update item weight in product catalog if applicable.

    NOTE: For multibox shipments, only the weight that is entered directly on the READY TO SHIP page will be saved in the product catalog. All of the weights for the additional packages that are entered in the modal is not factored in the weight that is being saved for that single item.
  4. Complete your selections and purchase the label. By purchasing the label, you will save the updated weight to your Product Catalog listing.

Edit Multiple SKUs Weights, from the READY TO SHIP Page

  1. Create a batch containing orders with single line items.
  2. Edit the shipment Weight for any individual orders in the batch that require weight corrections.
  3. Select the BATCH from the "Pending Queue".
  4. Located beneath the batch weight, check the link Edit for all Shipments
  5. In the modal box, update the weight for all shipments and click Update.
  6. Complete your selections and purchase the labels. By purchasing the label, you will save the updated weights to your Product Catalog listing.


Have more questions about editing products? Check out our Product Catalog FAQs.

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I use the Big Commerce platform with Shipping Easy and the individual product weights - entered in OUNCES in Big Commerce - display in Shipping Easy as POUND which means we have to correct the weight in Shipping Easy before we can print the shipping label. The thing is, several of our product categories correctly display as ounces in Shipping Easy while several display as pounds even though our Big Commerce setup is denotes that all weights are in ounces. Big Commerce tells us this is a "misfire" that only Shipping Easy can correct. Please advise. 

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