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When you are on a tight schedule or you do not have the ability to manually transport your goods, you can still get your packages in the mail. USPS offers a service that comes directly to your front door to pick up as many packages as you need to ship.

ShippingEasy makes it simple to request a package pick up while you are purchasing postage. See how to use ShippingEasy to request a USPS package pickup.

Alternately, you can schedule your qualified package pickup on the USPS website. All you have to do is submit a request online with your information and your local postal worker will pick up your package when they come by your home for their regular delivery route.


What USPS packages are eligible for package pickup?

You need to make sure your packages are qualified by having the proper postage in regards to their size, weight, etc. USPS Packing Pickup is not offered for only First Class Mail shipments.

So make sure you have at least one Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express or any international service shipment. Military mail shipments are also eligible for USPS package pickup.

How often can I schedule a USPS package pickup?

There is no limit to the amount of USPS package pickups you are allowed to use. Plus - you can schedule pickup service up to three months in advance!

If I forget to schedule a pickup, can my USPS mail courier pick up my package while delivering my mail?

It depends on your mail courier, the policies of your local Post Office, and even whether there is space in the mail truck. It is always best to schedule a pickup. But if you forget, it does not hurt to ask your courier when they come by to deliver the mail. Perhaps they will be able to help!


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