Third Party Billing - Labels and Customs Duties | FAQs

UPS and FedEx both provide options to bill labels and/or customs duties to a third party. We have dedicated guides to step you through each purchase decision.

NOTE: Third Party Billing for UPS is not available for UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance accounts.

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How do I set up a Third Party Billing account?

If you ship via UPS, FedEx, or DHL Express, you can save these credentials for billing purposes with our step-by-step guide.

How do I bill labels to a third party?

Use the following guides to set up billing to a third party for each carrier.

NOTE: UPS Mail Innovations cannot be billed as this is a contracted service.

How do I bill customs duties (taxes) to a third party?

Each carrier has different specifications regarding who is responsible for the custom duties and taxes associated with an international shipment. Learn more about paying custom duties and taxes.

Use the following guides for details about individual carriers:

Can I organize Third Party Billing accounts?

No. The Third Party Billing accounts are organized in the order that they are saved.

Can my customer pay for FedEx international duties?

For FedEx international shipments, you can select to bill international duties to the Sender or Bill to a Third party as long as they have a US-based FedEx account. Customers without a valid 5-digit zip code are not eligible to pay for duties.

If I bill to a third party will I see their rates or just my own?

You will not see your third party's rates--only your own.

Does the cost center show on labels billed to UPS third party accounts?

No, cost centers are not shown on third party UPS account labels.



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