How to: Buy & Print a group of labels from the ORDERS page

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The perfect combination of efficiency and oversight - Buy & Print!  If you've already built in the automation - with stored Shipping presets and Shipping Rules to apply those selections - ShippingEasy can provide rate quotes on the ORDERS page. Then in an instant, you can buy and print those labels. Now, that's making shipping easy!

For more details about Buy & Print, take a look at our FAQ guide.

To Buy & Print a group of labels from the ORDERS page:

  1. Navigate to the ORDERS page from anywhere in the app.
  2. From the left hand filter menu, expand the "$Rate Quote" filter and select With a rate quote. Your orders will filter to display only those that returned a successful rate quote.

    TIP: if you regularly use the "$Rate Quote" filter with other filters, consider setting up a Saved View. Learn more.
  3. If you have enabled the "$Rate" and "Shipping Presets", you'll be able to review the rates and services that have been assigned to your orders. Learn how to customize which columns are displayed.
  4. Select the orders that you are ready to ship.
    TIP: select the top box above the left column to select all the orders on the page. Learn more about selecting multiple orders.
  5. Click the Buy & Print button.
  6. A dialog will appear with a summary of the purchase.
    TIP: select the box next to Print Packing Slips if you would like to also print a packing slip along with your label.
    Click the Purchase button and your labels will generate.

If you have ConnectEasy configured, the labels will be bundled and dispatched to the selected printer/s. Learn more about ConnectEasy. Labels purchased and printed using Buy & Print with ConnectEasy will print in the sequence selected on the SETTINGS > LABELS page.

If you do not have direct printing enabled, your labels will be waiting for you on the READY TO PRINT page.


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