Buy Labels from the Orders page | How To

ShippingEasy offers several ways to purchase labels on the ORDERS page. Depending on your settings and workflow preferences, you can buy and print labels in the following ways:

The following steps describe how to purchase multiple labels using the Buy Labels button on the ORDERS page. This process works well if you have already built in the automation with stored Shipping presets and Shipping Rules to apply those selections. If these are not configured, ShippingEasy will use a previous selection to ship similar products. ShippingEasy will provide rate quotes on the ORDERS page. Then in an instant, you can buy and print those labels.

For more details about Buy Labels, take a look at Buy Labels FAQs guide.

Verify that the Auto-Refill has been configured:

If a One Balance account runs out mid-buy, the label purchase will not be successful. To avoid interruptions, we recommend setting up automatic refills to specify how much money you would like to add to your balance when you reach a minimum threshold. Learn how to set up Auto Refills.

To Buy Labels from the ORDERS page

  1. Go to the ORDERS page from anywhere in the app.
  2. Click on "More Filters" in the filter toolbar above the orders.
  3. Expand the Rate Quote filter and select "With a rate quote". This makes it easy to purchase multiple orders all at the same time.

    If you regularly use the "Rate Quote" filter with other filters, consider setting up a Saved View. Learn more.
  4. Select the orders that you are ready to ship and click the Buy Labels button at the top of the ORDERS page. This button will be highlighted with a running count of the number of labels selected along with the sum total postage required to purchase labels for the selected orders.
  5. A dialog will appear with a summary of the purchase.
    Select the box next to Print Packing Slips if you would like to also print a packing slip along with your label.
    Click the Buy button and your labels will generate.
    If you have select orders that do not include a rate quote, you will not be able to purchase the labels. Use the Rate Quote filter to show only orders with rate quotes.

If you have ConnectEasy configured, the labels will be bundled and dispatched to the selected printer/s. Learn more about ConnectEasy. Labels purchased and printed using Buy Labels with ConnectEasy will print in the sequence selected on the SETTINGS > LABELS page.

If you do not have direct printing enabled, your labels will be waiting for you on the READY TO PRINT page.


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