Add a custom image to Packing Slips | How To

Adding custom images to your packing slips is easy! Before you get started editing your packing slip template, make sure your custom images are uploaded in your Image Library. Learn more

To add custom images to packing slips:

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS on the top right of the app and under LABEL SIZES & PRINTING OPTIONS select PACKING SLIP TEMPLATES.

  2. On the PACKING SLIP page, click the name of the packing slip to edit the template for which you wish to add a custom image.   

  3. Place the cursor on the template where you would like to add a new image and select the Image icon from the top toolbar.

  4. You can drop an image into the uploaded by clicking in the outlined box and selecting a file from your hard drive.

    You can also choose to insert a URL link or browse your existing packing slip images by selecting the respective buttons on the image menu.
  5. The image will appear on your packing slip template.
    Below the image will be a list of menu options to format the image as necessary:
     replace_icon.png Replace image 
     align_icon.png Align image: left, center or right 
     remove_icon.png Remove image
     add_hyperlink_icon.png Insert link
     display_icon.png  Display: inline or break text
     style_icon.png Style: rounded or bordered
     alternate_text_icon.png  Alternate text
     resize_icon.png Change size
  6. After you've finished your edits, select Update and your changes will be applied.


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