What are 4x6 shipping labels?

Shipping labels are the labels you use to make your package legally mailable. When it comes to shipping labels, 4x6 labels are considered the industry standard.

Why 4x6 Shipping labels?

Without too technical of an answer, the main reason is that 4x6 is just what the major carriers expect and use. There are some small variations (such as 4x5) which may work better for your shipments, but in general, it’s best to stick with the 4x6. The 4x6 shipping label is designed to fit most packages, is durable and can be easily read and scanned.

If you use a label printer you can utilize the thermal type of 4x6 shipping labels, which comes with the benefit of needing no ink. Find out which thermal printers are compatible with ShippingEasy. 

You'll want to make sure you’re using the proper type of paper and that your settings are set at 4x6. Using thermal paper to make your thermally printed 4x6 shipping labels in a great idea. Many companies won’t accept non-4x6 shipping label. Learn how ShippingEasy makes it simple to save your label settings.

You can also print your labels with a standard inkjet printer. If you do, be sure to have a proper protective coating or plastic to ensure that the ink on the shipping label doesn’t run. Regardless of your printing system, ShippingEasy's printing solution-ConnectEasy-was developed to be compatible with all your hardware and take the hassle out of label printing.

Can I use non-4x6 shipping labels?

In general, you can utilize the best shipping label for the package you’ll be sending. However, keep in mind that 4x6 shipping labels are the industry standard and are going to be the most versatile in terms of acceptance between the three major postal carriers.



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