Override weights for all shipments in a batch | How To

Once you have sent a batch of orders to the READY TO SHIP page, you will have the option to edit the batch as a whole or an individual order within the batch. Learn more about editing individual orders in a batch.

To override the weights for all shipments in a batch:

  1. From the "Pending Queue", select the batch that you would like to edit.
  2. Within the "Carrier Services and Packaging" section,  locate the Weight field and select Edit for all Shipments.
  3. Enter in the new weight and Update the batch.

Now all the individual orders in the batch will have the same weight.

This action cannot be overridden on the READY TO SHIP page. However, if you remove the batch back to the ORDERS page, any changes made will be reset. Learn more about removing an order from the READY TO SHIP page.


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