EasyShip: How do I ship on SynCommerce?

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EasyShip is a super simple shipping widget created by ShippingEasy and accessed directly from your SynCommerce account.

See all of our EasyShip for SynCommerce FAQs.

Read on for an overview of how to use EasyShip! 

1. Addresses

Shipment data is pulled directly from SynCommerce and is fully editable giving you complete control (if you want it) - or just pick the label options and go! 

2. Service

Pick the appropriate Service and Packaging for your shipment. You can take the weight and the packaging into account to pick the best service for your shipments. For some shippers, the cheapest service is the best; for others, the fastest service is the best. Find an overview of Shipping Services

3. Weight

Make sure to update the weight (except for Flat Rate shipments) to ensure the correct postage rate! Learn more about weight.

4. Dimension

If you have the dimensions handy, go ahead and type them in as well. Really, the Post Office only requires the dimensions when any one dimension is greater than 12 inches. Learn more about dimensions.

5. Ship Date

To post-date a label (if you're purchasing the label today but not shipping until tomorrow), you can adjust the "Ship date" from the drop-down. Learn more about selecting a ship date.

6. Confirmation

You can add extra Confirmations (like Delivery or Signature Confirmation) to the shipment by making a selection from the "Confirmation (charges may apply)" drop-down. More about the available Confirmation Options

7. Insurance

For extra peace of mind, you can add insurance to your shipment. EasyShip has access to incredibly inexpensive insurance so you can make sure you're always covered! When available, you'll see a tick-box to "Add Insurance". Learn more about additional insurance

8. Review

After selecting the shipping method and packaging, you can review the rate quote before purchasing - empowering you to control your shipping costs. 

9. Purchase

All you need to do now is click "Purchase label"! Payment is a snap, too, and there are no monthly subscription fees - adding value to your operation without added cost. The result is seamless shipping! More about paying for postage.

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