What is UPS Mail Innovations?

What is UPS Mail Innovations?

UPS Mail Innovations is a combined effort between UPS and USPS. With UPS Mail Innovations, packages are picked up by UPS and delivered to you by USPS. Filtering your orders by Zone within ShippingEasy can help you determine if UPS Mail Innovations is the correct service for shipping your packages. This service allows for more flexible and convenient deliveries. 

How can I use UPS Mail Innovations in ShippingEasy?

If you have connected your existing UPS account to ShippingEasy, you can configure your settings to allow for this service provider. Learn how to enable UPS Mail Innovations

Why use UPS Mail Innovations?

UPS Mail Innovations can be used to concentrate efforts between UPS and USPS. By picking up at the fulfillment center and working with USPS, UPS Mail Innovations is able to access local or less accessible hubs. 

When UPS Mail Innovations picks up from the fulfillment center and hands off your package to USPS, they can then deliver it directly to your shipping address or P.O. box. 

UPS customer service:1-800-742-5877

Are there any limitations?

With any dynamic service, especially between two separate companies, you should remember to keep close track of your packages.

Sometimes with UPS Mail Innovations when your packages are handed off to USPS, there can be a delay or a loss of ability to track your package. UPS Mail Innovations advises you to expect your package to arrive normally as this has been known to happen.

UPS Mail Innovations does not include a barcode or a live tracking number for domestic and international shipments using the BPM Flats, Standard Flat, or Flats package types.

UPS Mail Innovations does not operate on weekends. Be sure to plan accordingly if you need your shipments to get to your clients around that time.

UPS does not provide any coverage for UPS Mail Innovation shipments. You can, however, buy insurance through Shipsurance, our partner for shipment insurance. 

Since UPS Mail Innovations is a contracted service, UPS does not support creating a prepaid UPS Mail Innovations return label. 

More info: UPS Mail Innovations package locator

How long does it take?

UPS Mail Innovations inducts the package into the U.S. Postal Service within 48 hours of processing. USPS will then deliver the package in 3-5 days on average. 

More info: UPS Mail Innovation support


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