How to: Disable Endicia automatic postage refills via ShippingEasy

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Auto postage refill sets up your account to buy more postage whenever your balance falls below your chosen level - a handy tool for many shippers.

However, there are times when you won't want to use this feature in ShippingEasy, such as if you:

  • Want to refill postage manually: a great option when you need to closely manage your balance.
  • Have configured Endicia Pay-on-Use Returns labels: in this case, your account will be refilled by Endicia automatically. Disabling the feature in ShippingEasy prevents duplicate refills. Learn more.

To disable Endicia automatic postage refills within ShippingEasy:

  1. From anywhere in your account, click on the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS link in the top right corner of the app.
  2. Locate your Endicia account.endicia_single.PNG
  3. Uncheck Auto refill postage balance.

That's it!

TIP: if you are setting up Endicia's Pay-on-Use Return labels and have additional questions, take a look at our related articles below or reach out to your Endicia representative.


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