Are Endicia Pay-on-Use Returns available via ShippingEasy?

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Yes, Endicia Pay-on-Use Returns labels are supported via ShippingEasy. Learn more from Endicia about Pay on Use Returns labels.

In ShippingEasy, Endicia Pay-on-Use Returns labels are referred to as scan-based return labels. Unlike regular return labels, postage for Endicia Pay-on-Use Returns labels is only deducted from your account if and when the return label is scanned in the mail stream. 

To access scan-based return labels in ShippingEasy, you will first need to speak to your Endicia Representative to arrange account activation. If you do not have an Endicia Representative, the fastest way to begin this process is to fill out this contact form. Alternatively, you can call Endicia directly on 800-576-3279 ext. 140.

Once your Endicia accounts have been activated please ensure that you reach out to ShippingEasy Support to have scan-based return labels turned on in your ShippingEasy account.


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