Shipping Switchblades with USPS

When shipping something as heavily restricted as a switchblade, you’ll need to take the proper steps to insure you fall within the law and the shipping requirements. It can be a long process, especially because you need to acquire postmaster approval.

First, seek permission from your postmaster:

Before shipping a switchblade be sure to give your postmaster a detailed description.

You must to include:

  • Special precautions necessary to permit handling without harm to Postal Service employees or damage to property.
  • Proposed method of packaging. 
  • Explanation of any local, state, or federal regulations that apply to shipping the product.
  • Quantity per mailpiece and per mailing, frequency of mailing, and post office(s) of mailing.

Next, package and post the parcel according to stringent guidelines:

Your switchblade must be mailed with no outside markers or indications of its contents. In addition, a return address that includes the sender’s name and address must appear on all packaging. Learn more about saving your return address to ShippingEasy.

You must follow safety precautions, including:

Lastly, verify that your postmaster has approved the shipment:

After taking these steps the postmaster will tell if you were approved or denied. If you were denied, ask what the reason is and what you can do to allow the shipment of your switchblade. Learn more.


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