Add ConnectEasy to Starter Plan - ShippingEasy Subscription | How To

ConnectEasy is a unique and highly versatile tool for printing labels and weighing packages. It enables ShippingEasy to integrate with your hardware in a wide range of configurations, including printing to multiple printers, reading weights directly from your USB scale, and assigning unique settings to each user login. Add all this to user-friendly installation and you get ConnectEasy – a comprehensive solution designed to make your shipping, well, EASIER!  Learn more about ConnectEasy.

ConnectEasy is automatically included with all Basic and above subscriptions - and - it can be added to Starter subscriptions for $5 a month (plus applicable taxes, if any). Learn how to locate your subscription information.

It's easy to add ConnectEasy to a Starter plan!

  1. Login to ShippingEasy.
  2. From the SETTINGS icon, navigate to the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page.

  3. Scroll down to the "Available Add-Ons" section.
  4. Toggle the dial by ConnectEasy to ON

Now you are ready to install ConnectEasy! From the SETTINGS tab, head over to the CONNECTEASY page to download ConnectEasy to your computer. Find our top resources in the related articles below or post your questions to our Community Forum.


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