Add a Barcode to your Packing Slip Template | How To

If your store has an inventory management system that deducts orders once a SKU barcode is scanned, ShippingEasy's inventory management feature also allows for item SKUs to be displayed as barcodes on packing slips

If you frequently ship orders one-by-one from the ORDERS page, adding an order number barcode to your packing slip template can save you having to scan each individually on the READY TO SHIP page.

Packing slip templates use variables to reference information from your ShippingEasy account and orders. Customizing packing slips to fit your needs is as simple as shipping your packages! Learn more about customizing your packing slips.

For convenience, a range of barcode types are supported:

  • bookland 
  • code128 
  • code25 
  • code25iata 
  • code25int 
  • code39 
  • code93 
  • ean13 (UPC)
  • ean8 
  • upcsupplemental

To display the order number as a barcode:

  1. The default variable will display the order number as regular text:{{shipment.order_number}}
  2. To add the order number barcode attribute, specify the type of barcode:{{shipment.order_number | barcode: 'code128'}}
  3. The barcode will be printed in one of three sizes: small, medium, or large. The default is small. To use a different size, just specify the size in the attribute:

{{shipment.order_number | barcode: 'code128 medium'}}

To display the item SKU as a barcode:

The size of the item SKU barcode cannot be customized. It is a set size to optimize the alignment of the table columns.

The item SKU is displayed as part of the shipment.line_items variable.

The shipment.line_items variable is a special case because it produces a table of output with line-item details that you specify via a list. For example, to display the SKU, quantity, name, and price of each line item in the order, use:

{{ shipment.line_items | sort: 'name' | columns: 'sku qty name price'}}

For any value that you want to be displayed as a barcode instead, just add the attributes to the name. As an example, to display the SKU as a barcode instead of text, use:

{{ shipment.line_items | sort: 'name' | columns: 'sku_barcode_code128 qty name price'}}


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