What order are my orders showing in READY TO SHIP?

The display order of shipments on the READY TO SHIP page is dependent on your label settings and whether the shipments are individual or batched orders.
You can view your label settings by navigating to SETTINGS>> LABELS.

The setting "Print My Labels By" controls the order on the READY TO SHIP page, as well as the order in which your labels are printed. 

Individual orders

  • Order Selection Sequence: this option matches the order in which orders were selected and sent from the ORDERS page to the READY TO SHIP page. 
  • Order Number Sequence: This option would place orders in a sequence depending on their order number. However, as order numbers can contain both letters and numbers they are treated as alphanumeric, not numeric numbers in ShippingEasy.

    For example, This means that the sorting won't be as straight forward as 10, 9, 8, etc. ShippingEasy is not able to recognize that 100554 is larger than 6659. As we sort order numbers from highest to lowest, order 6659 will be shown before 100554 (as 6 is greater than 1). Likewise, SE-117 will be shown before AB42222 and then 2022, 1648, etc.  

  • Item SKU (A-Z) Sequence - if selected, labels and packing slips will print in the order of the Item SKUs, sorted alphabetically from A to Z.


  • Order selection sequence: Batches are shown in the order that they were selected on the ORDERS page and sent to the READY TO SHIP page (the same as individual orders). 

    Example: The first batch sent to READY TO SHIP is shown at the top of the list and then the last batch (or shipment) is shown at the bottom.

  • Order number sequence: For batching, this option is less structured. The batches will not follow a set order for this selection. However, individual shipments will be shown after the batches are in order of the "order number sequence". 


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