Print FedEx International Customs Forms (Commercial Invoices) | How To

Certain FedEx accounts allow you the option of automatically printing an Electronic Trade Document if you are shipping internationally. Learn how to configure this in ShippingEasy

If you do not have ETD enabled on your FedEx account or if you are shipping to a country that does not accept an ETD, you will need to print customs forms. Customs forms cannot be printed at the same time as the label in ShippingEasy. They will have to be printed separately.

To print a copy of the Customs forms / commercial invoice:

  1. Go to your SHIPMENT HISTORY page
  2. Select your shipment.
  3. Above the orders, click the Print Actions button and select Print Customs Forms.
  4. Go to the READY TO PRINT page.
  5. Under the "Print Queue" on the right side, you will see the Customs Form.
  6. Once the print button is selected, your Customs Form will generate in an 8.5x11  formatted page.
  7. Affix the Customs Form along with your label on the outside of the package. That's it!


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