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ShippingEasy partners with Endicia to provide heavily discounted USPS rates. The best way to simplify how you pay for your postage is to set up automatic bank drafts with Endicia:

  • Fund your postage purchases from your revenue account.
  • Avoid having to update expired credit cards.
  • Less credit card payments to remember to make on time.
  • Option to raise postage balance limit to $5,000. Learn more.

If you would like to have your postage balance purchases billed to your bank account, set up ACH billing with Endicia.

To set up ACH billing with Endicia:

  1. Log into your Endicia account at Learn how to find your Endicia account details
    NOTE: you have two Endicia accounts, Endicia First Class and Endicia Expedited. Each account has a unique payment method. You will want to log into each account separately to set up ACH billing for each.
  2. Go to Update Profile and select Payment Method.

  3. In the Payment Options section, locate USPS Postage. Move the radio selector to Checking Account. Then click ​​Edit​.
    NOTE: if you do not see this option, it may be that you have recently opened your Endicia account and do not have an established payment history with Endicia. You can speak with an Endicia representative and request that they review your account to enable this option. Find Endicia's contact information.

  4. Enter the Checking Account Number and bank’s Routing Number.

  5. Click ​Update​. You may be prompted to re-enter your credit card details for security.

  6. No further action required unless you have an ACH filter set up to restrict withdraws from your bank account. Please confirm with your Bank if you are unsure. If you have an ACH filter enabled, please contact your Bank to add Endicia (filter details below):

    ACH Processing Company Name = ENDICIA
    ACH ID / Filter ID = 9002105001

If you have an established payment history with Endicia, then the switch to ACH billing is immediate.  

However, if you have recently opened your Endicia account, Endicia may not make the option to switch to ACH available until they have been able to verify your payment history. If you do not see the option for ACH billing in your Endicia account, you can speak with an Endicia representative and request that they review your account.

For questions about ACH billing, it's best to reach out to Endicia. Find Endicia's contact information.


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