Why do I see a new credit card saved to my ShippingEasy account?

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We're all about streamlining processes here at ShippingEasy and several of our business partners are, too. 

Stripe, our payment processor, has developed a way to seamlessly update your credit card information once your card has expired or been replaced. With their 'Smart Saved Cards' programming, Stripe will automatically update your card information as long as the new card is connected to the same bank account.

This new feature allows for purchases to continue to occur without ever having to enter in the new card's details. Stripe works directly with your bank to manage this activity, helping to avoid any stop in usage or extra steps on your part. This means that you can spend your time shipping instead of entering in new credit card details!

If you've closed your bank account and opened a new one, you will have to update this information yourself. Once you've reestablished your banking information, Stripe can enable Smart Save Cards for future card updates.



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