What is bulk mail and how do I qualify?

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Bulk mail is shipping at a reduced rate for people sending large numbers of items every year. If you find yourself regularly sending more than the numbers in this article, with a little extra work you could be saving a lot of money! Shipping software like ShippingEasy offers group mail settings that can save you even more time when printing your discounted postage.

Typically, your bulk price mail is going to be cheaper than a regularly priced single piece of mail. Single piece is a term that means you’re paying full price for a standard piece of mail. 

How much do I need to mail?

Below is a complete list of exactly how many verifiable parcels you need to send in order to qualify for bulk mailing discounts. If you’re sending as much or more than these numbers then it's a great idea to apply to the bulk mail program.

You’ll need to send at least:

If you aren't sure you'll qualify based on amount, you can still save on USPS postage when you sign up for ShippingEasy.

How do I get the bulk mail discount?

First you’ll need a mailing permit, essentially an allowance to send large amounts of postage from a single facility. You’ll also need to pay the annual mailing fee.

You then pay for your postage using one of three money saving ways:

  • Precanceled Stamps: stamps that are set aside for presorted First Class and Standard Mail. You pay a significantly lower price for them up front and then pay the difference when/if you use them.
  • Postage Meter/PC Postage: home printed postage. You save time and money if you’re printing your own postage.
  • Permit Imprint: this is excellent for high bulk mailings however the items must all be the exact same weight to qualify. You’ll also need an “advanced deposit account” from the specific post office you’ll be using. You prepay for your postage, use their postage indicia for your permit imprint instead of a printed stamp and they deduct it from your account.


Lastly, you will need to presort your work. This requires going through and making sure all of your mail is presorted by zip code. This is the main reason you get cheaper prices. You save the post office time which saves you money.

Many business find this is outside the scope of what they’re willing to do, but for those that can afford the extra time they can save a significant amount of money on their high volume shipping. Find out about additional time saving features available when you use ShippingEasy.


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