How to: Export my product data from Magento

Magento v.2 allows you to easily export your product information so that you can easily import it into ShippingEasy's product catalog. This article will explain how each of those processes work:

How to export your Magento v.2 products to a CSV file

  1. Log into your Magento v. 2 account
  2. Open the Admin panel of your store and go to SYSTEM → Export.
  3. Select Products from Entity Type Dropdown then CSV from Export File Format.
  4. You can exclude any unnecessary attributes in the selection page
  5. Click Continue at the bottom of the page
  6. Export and save to your computer



Thanks for sharing this article, It helped me a lot while importing in Magento, here’s another guide in which I found firebear extension best for importing in CSV, PDF and HTML,

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Thanks to both of you who shared such useful resources! I and other members of the community appreciate that.

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