How to: Add my Shipping Presets to the Quick Ship menu

Shipping Presets make light work of assigning carriers and services to your shipments. Learn more.

To save even more time, you can make your Shipping Presets available via the Quick Ship menu. You can display up to 10 domestic and 10 international Shipping Presets within the Quick Ship menu.

On the ORDERS page:
find this under the V action menu.


find it after clicking Save & Quick Ship.


NOTE: This does not limit you to the amount of Shipping Presets you can create. You are allowed to create as many Shipping Presets as you'd like, all of which will show on the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more.

To add Saved Carrier Selections to the Quick Ship menu:

  1. Create all of the Shipping Presets that you would like to access from the Quick Ship menu. Learn more.
  2. Navigate to the SETTINGS icon:

  3. Star up to 10 domestic and 10 international Shipping Presets. The starred selections will appear in the Quick Ship menu. Unstarring any entry will remove it from the Quick Ship menus.
    NOTE: The menus on the ORDERS page lists the presets in the order you arranged them. Learn more.


    If you check more than 10 Shipping Presets you will be notified with an error message:

    A maximum of 10 Domestic/International Shipping Presets may be enabled for Quick Ship. Please deselect an existing Domestic/International option.
  4. These changes will be automatically saved. Once complete, you may navigate to any other page.


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Hi, is there anyway to have the Quick Ship send orders to Ready to Print page rather than printing them right away?

From a workflow process, we'd like to have all the days shipments printed at one time.

Thank you!


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Hi Spencer,

Thank you for your post!

I see you are currently using ConnectEasy, our direct printing integration.  If you don't want to print the labels right away using ConnectEasy then you can click the "Print Later" button on the Ready to Ship screen instead of clicking "Print Now".   Screenshots of this can be found here:  What is the "Print Later" button on the READY TO SHIP page?

Then once you are ready to print all of your labels, go to Ready to Print and click the green print button there.  You can see all of the other options for printing on the Ready to Print screen here:  Overview: READY TO PRINT page

If you'd like further assistance with your workflow process, please use the links at the top of the app to chat, call, or email us.  One-on-one support via those channels are a big perk of being on a paid plan of Basic or above!

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Hi, thanks for the response. I am aware of the Print Later button, and in fact, that functionality is what I was alluding to in my post above. But there is no Print Later button or option in the Quick Ship selection menu. That is what I'm requesting. Thanks.

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Hi Spencer,

Thank you for your follow-up message!

If you are not clicking "Create Order" or "Save & Get Rate" so the order goes to the Ready to Ship screen then you can turn off ConnectEasy by selecting to print to PDF under Settings then Printer Configuration. Screenshots of the process are at the bottom of this article:

How to: Generate a PDF when ConnectEasy is enabled

When ConnectEasy is not enabled, the shipment label(s) will be created and listed on the READY TO PRINT page.

I hope that helps!

If you'd like to see different functionality then please post in our Feature Request Forum linked below:

Feature Requests | Shipping

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