How to use ChannelAdvisor with ShippingEasy

ChannelAdvisor integrates directly with ShippingEasy.  A leading platform for managing your product inventory levels across multiple marketplaces and shopping carts, ChannelAdvisor acts as an intermediary between your selling channels and ShippingEasy. This means that when you integrate ChannelAdvisor into ShippingEasy you will be able to access all of the orders that have been placed on your individual sales platforms. There is no need to integrate your stores directly with ShippingEasy as they will already be synced into ChannelAdvisor.

If your online store is already integrated with ShippingEasy there is no need for you to have both ChannelAdvisor and ShippingEasy connected to that platform. ChannelAdvisor is the "hub" between your shipping solution and your online stores. You can disconnect ShippingEasy from your store platform once you have connected your ShippingEasy account to ChannelAdvisor.

Having both your online store platform and ChannelAdvisor connected to ShippingEasy will cause duplicate orders in ShippingEasy.

How ChannelAdvisor works with ShippingEasy:
  1. An order is entered into your online store.
  2. After the order is placed, the order information is passed from your online store to ChannelAdvisor.
  3. The order information is then passed from ChannelAdvisor to ShippingEasy so that it can be shipped.
  4. After the order has been processed in ShippingEasy, the shipping and tracking information is passed back to ChannelAdvisor.
  5. Finally, ChannelAdvisor will notify your online store and update it with the shipping and tracking information for the order. The information passed back to the integrated store platform will vary based on the platform.

To integrate your ChannelAdvisor store with ShippingEasy, follow our step-by-step guide.

Click through the sections below to find more details on how ChannelAdvisor works with ShippingEasy.

ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition

ChannelAdvisor's full suite of features can be a great tool for your business, but the cost and complexity may overwhelm some small business owners. That's why ChannelAdvisor and ShippingEasy have partnered to create ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition. This low-cost version of ChannelAdvisor allows sellers on ShippingEasy supported selling channels Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Walmart, and Shopify to take advantage of ChannelAdvisor's great inventory management features, while still having access to ShippingEasy so you can ship your products.

What are the advantages of using ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition?
  • Prevents overselling inventory by synchronizing current inventory levels across the supported channels.

  • Helps ensure consistency of product price, title, description, and images across multiple channels.

  • Simplifies the management of cross-channel product variations.

  • Designed to work in concert with ShippingEasy.

  • Helps scale selling efforts as a business grows.

How much does ChanelAdvisor Starter Edition cost?

ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition costs a flat fee of $40 per month for accounts with $10,000 in monthly sales or less. If your monthly sales exceed $10,000, an additional 2.5% of the sales over $10,000 will be charged as an account fee.

What are the differences between a standard ChannelAdvisor Enterprise account and ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition?

ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition is much more basic than a standard ChannelAdvisor Enterprise account, so many features will not be available. Here's a few of the most notable differences:

  • Only allows integration to Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Walmart stores.

  • Limited to US-based accounts and USD currency.

  • Maximum of 10,000 active products.

  • Simplified product information based on the most commonly used fields for Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce, Walmart, and Shopify.

  • No support for bundled products.

  • No marketing features (Amazon advertising, eBay Promoted Listings, or other marketing integrations.)

How do I sign up for ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition?

Go to the ChannelAdvisor Starter page to register for a free 30-day trial with ChannelAdvisor Starter Edition.

Syncing Orders

Once ChannelAdvisor is integrated with ShippingEasy, orders that have been placed in the last 14 days will begin to appear on the ORDERS page. The following are frequently asked questions about syncing orders from ChannelAdvisor to ShippingEasy.

How often are my orders synced from ChannelAdvisor to ShippingEasy?

By default, ShippingEasy will sync with your store hourly to pull in any new orders.

How do I get existing ChannelAdvisor orders synced to my new ShippingEasy account?

If you have orders older than 14 days old, you can create manual orders for these shipments. Learn how to add manual orders one-by-one or via a CSV file.

What order statuses sync into ShippingEasy?

All orders with a "Completed" checkout status will sync from ChannelAdvisor into ShippingEasy.

How are order status values mapped from ChannelAdvisor to ShippingEasy?
ChannelAdvisor status ShippingEasy Status
Submitted Awaiting Payment
Unshipped Awaiting Fulfillment
Pending Shipment Awaiting Shipment
Partially Shipped Partially Shipped
Do you sync customer comments from Channel Advisor?


ChannelAdvisor status ShippingEasy status
PublicNotes  Customer Comment
GiftMessage and GiftNotes Gift Message
PrivateNotes Internal Order Notes
Which order number is displayed in ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy displays the ChannelAdvisor Order ID in the readily visible "Order Number" column.  However, there is an optional column called "Alternate Order Number" - for ChannelAdvisor orders it displays the order number from the underlying market (Amazon, eBay, etc.).

Does ShippingEasy display the market name for an order?

Yes, there is an optional column called "Sales Channel" that displays the underlying market name (Amazon, eBay, etc) for each ChannelAdvisor order.

Can I see the Requested Service for an order?

Yes. On the ORDERS page, you can see the customer's requested service in the "Requested Service" column of each order.

Is there a limit to the number of line items in an order that will sync to ShippingEasy?

Yes. The ChannelAdvisor integration is currently limited to 20 line items per order. Until this is changed, we recommend creating a Shipping Rule using the "Number of line items" condition, to assign any orders with 20 items to a specific Order Category. By assigning these orders to an Order Category, they will be color-coded on your ORDERS page and can be filtered for quick identification.

If additional line items need to be added, a manual order will need to be created for the items not included. Learn how to create a manual order.

How are 'special instructions' in ChannelAdvisor mapped to ShippingEasy?

Any 'special instructions' appearing on a ChannelAdvisor order will appear in the customer comments field on the label in ShippingEasy.

What happens if I click Sync on the ShippingEasy ORDERS page?

The Sync link prompts ShippingEasy to pull through orders in an approved status. If your store is set up for automatic order downloads, selecting the Sync link will download orders since the last time a sync completed.

A sync is run automatically each night and can be run manually using the Sync link.

If you have disabled the automatic order download, you must use Sync to download your orders. It can take 15-20 minutes for orders to populate after selecting Sync.

Editing Orders and Shipments

ShippingEasy can recognize when certain changes have been made to orders in your store. For a complete overview, check out our FAQs on the topic. The following are frequently asked questions specific to ChannelAdvisor orders that are still on the ORDERS page.

Can orders from ShippingEasy that come from a channel ChannelAdvisor does not support still be pushed to ChannelAdvisor in order to manage inventory?

Unfortunately not. The orders need to pass through ChannelAdvisor and then be passed into ShippingEasy. If you use a platform that ChannelAdvisor does not support yet, you would need to put the order into ChannelAdvisor manually for it to flow into ShippingEasy.

If an order is cancelled in ChannelAdvisor, will it clear from ShippingEasy?

orders cancelled after syncing will be cleared from ShippingEasy.

Can I purchase Amazon Prime labels for my Channel Advisor orders?

Yes. To enable this, you must enter your Amazon Seller Central credentials into the section of the Orders tab in the Channel Advisor store settings. channel_advisor_orders_tab_amazon_prime.PNG

To find the ShippingEasy MWS token:
  1. Copy and paste this URL into a browser:
  2. In the top right corner, go to Settings and select User Permissions:
  3. Under "Amazon MWS Developer Permissions" scroll to ShippingEasy and select "View" under MWS Auth Token.
  4. Copy the MWS token from the modal and paste it into ShippingEasy.

After you have entered your Amazon Seller Central credentials into ShippingEasy, you can request that ShippingEasy’s Customer Success team enable your account for downloading Prime orders. When an Amazon Prime order is downloaded from Channel Advisor and shipped, a notification is sent back to Channel Advisor. This update includes information about the carrier and service.

Shipment Changes and Updates

ShippingEasy updates your store with order information throughout the entire shipping process.

What information is sent back from ShippingEasy to ChannelAdvisor?

After a label has been purchased in ShippingEasy, the order in ChannelAdvisor will be updated with the shipping carrier and service, tracking number, shipment date, and quantity shipped.

If I use the "Mark as Shipped" option in ShippingEasy, will the order update to Shipped in ChannelAdvisor?

No. We recommend marking the order as Shipped in ChannelAdvisor. This will clear the order from ShippingEasy.

If I create a "Duplicate Shipment" for a ChannelAdvisor order in ShippingEasy, will the shipment data update in ChannelAdvisor?

Yes, but the duplicate shipment tracking information will override the original shipment's tracking information.

We are interested to learn how important it is to our ChannelAdvisor customers to create a unique shipment record in ChannelAdvisor.  Please leave your feedback in our Feature Request forum. Learn more about sharing your feedback with ShippingEasy.

If I combine two orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in Channel Advisor?

Yes. If you combine Channel Advisor orders in ShippingEasy with the "Combine Orders" action, the orders will be updated with the shipment and tracking information when you ship the combined order.

Orders and Product Information

ShippingEasy displays your order and product information on the ORDERS page, where you can customize what information you see. Learn more about customizing your ORDERS page.

What product information from ChannelAdvisor is displayed in ShippingEasy?

The following product details are displayed in ShippingEasy:

  1. Name
  2. SKUs
  3. Weights
  4. Warehouse Locations
  5. Product Options. Learn more about configuring ShippingEasy to display product options.

This information can be found by navigating to SETTINGS > Edit Store Settings link under the ChannelAdvisor store listing.

Email Notifications

ChannelAdvisor automatically sends shipment confirmation emails to your customer once their order has been shipped. Return label emails can be automatically sent to customers if they have included an email address with their order. Learn more about automatically sending prepaid return labels.

Customer Marketing

ShippingEasy offers a Customer Marketing solution to help build and grow relationships with your customers. Customer Marketing can be added to your ShippingEasy subscription at any time. A Customer Marketing subscription is managed by selecting a tier that determines how many emails you can send each month. Learn more about email credits.

Troubleshooting tips

The following are common issues and resolutions that can occur with ShippingEasy’s ChannelAdvisor integration.

What would prevent my orders from updating to ChannelAdvisor after I purchase a label?

If you purchase a label using a shipping carrier and service that has not been added to your ChannelAdvisor account, then you will receive an error when ShippingEasy attempts to update your ChannelAdvisor account. Learn more about troubleshooting order errors.


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