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When creating an international UPS shipment you have the ability to have Customs Duties paid by either the Sender, Recipient, or Third Party.

  • Recipient: This is the default selection. When Recipient is chosen the receiver of the shipment pays the customs duties/taxes. Optional fields for a UPS account number and the account number’s postal code will appear and if provided, that account will be billed instead of the recipient paying in cash.
  • Sender: As the sender, you are responsible for paying customs duties/taxes.
  • Third Party: When Third Party is chosen, the UPS account number and postal code of the Third Party must be specified. They are not optional for third party payment.
NOTE: when modifying a batch of UPS international shipments, only two options are available for payment of customs duties/taxes: Sender and Recipient.

You can set a default duties payor for every shipment on the POSTAGE & CARRIERS Page.

To set a default duties payor:

  1. Navigate to POSTAGE AND CARRIERS from anywhere in the app.
  2. Click Manage Account next to the UPS logo.
  3. Scroll to the Default Duties Payor menu. Click the drop down to select Recipient, Sender or Third Party.
  4. Click Update.


To edit the default selection:

When you create your shipment on the READY TO SHIP page and select UPS as the carrier, the default payor will populate. You do have the option to change who is billed for Custom Duties if necessary. You can select to bill to the receiver, sender or the Third Party.


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