How do I print shipping labels from home?

We all know how much time and energy it takes to run a successful business, so anything you can do to be more efficient is a huge benefit. Shipping labels at home saves you the hassle of going to the post office-the less time spent standing in line when trying to ship your packages, the better. Additionally, you can save money by using cloud-based programs like ShippingEasy, which offers discounted postage rates and no label fees.

Label printing software

There are many different software options on the market that allow you to print your own shipping labels, however all are not created equal. Always be sure to do your research when deciding how to print shipping labels from home. Some software offers more time-saving perks such as ConnectEasy, ShippingEasy's custom printing feature that goes a step further in make printing with their software super accessible.

In order to print your own labels you’ll need to use a specific software, generally one with integrated label is best in order to save you time and effort. ShippingEasy, for example, has a collection of integrated labels for your own ease of use.

Depending on which carrier you are working with, you can check their individual website to find any label printing software or downloads they may have for you. 

Types of labels

There are a couple types of labels, a common one being the standard print labels. These labels use inkjet printers and will be the easiest if you already have a printer.

There are also thermal label printers, which use a special thermal paper to print and can be less expensive as well as more efficient in the long run. See our previous post for more info on thermal label printers.


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