How to: Choose the order sequence that labels and packing slips print

A key part of any shipping operation is document printing. Between labels, packing slips, and pick lists - each document plays a key role in ensuring that orders are packed correctly and delivered on-time. When printing in ShippingEasy, documents are printed together by type: Labels, Packing Slips, Pick Lists.

When printing groups of labels, they are also organized by carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, consolidator) and destination (domestic, international).

ShippingEasy also gives you multiple options to choose from when deciding the order in which your labels and packing slips print. This print order when orders are sent to READY TO SHIP or when using Buy & Print with ConnectEasy is determined by your LABEL settings.

NOTE: pick lists print order is determined by your PICK LISTS settings. Learn more.
Print My Labels by... Labels and Packing Slips will print ...
Order Number Sequence Based on order number, sorted alphanumerically from highest to lowest.

As order numbers can contain both letters and numbers they are treated as alphanumeric in ShippingEasy. This means that the way order numbers sort won't be as straight forward as 10, 9, 8, etc.

For instance, ShippingEasy is not able to recognize that 100554 is larger than 6659. Since order numbers are sorted from highest to lowest, order 6659 will be shown before 100554 (as 6 is greater than 1). Likewise, SE-117 will be shown before AB42222, and then 2022, 1648, etc.

Order Selection Sequence

In the order they are selected and sent from the ORDERS page to the READY TO SHIP page.
Item SKU (A-Z) Sequence Based on the Item SKU of each orders' first line-item, sorted alphabetically from A to Z
Item Description (A-Z) Sequence Based on the Item Description of each orders' first line-item, sorted alphabetically from A to Z.
Warehouse Bin (A-Z) Sequence

Based on the current Warehouse Bin location of each orders' first line-item, sorted in ascending, alphanumeric order (lowest to highest).

NOTE: The Warehouse Bin column on the ORDERS page (including the Multiple Items table) will continue to display the Warehouse Bin applied when the order downloads.
NOTE: for multi-product orders, the first product in the order determines where the order is placed in the sequence.

To select the default order sequence for labels and packing slips:

  1. To access your label settings, go to SETTINGS.
  2. Then click LABELS.
  3. Locate the Print My Labels by field.
  4. Expand the menu and pick from the available options:
    • Order Number Sequence
    • Order Selection Sequence
    • Item SKU (A-Z) Sequence
    • Item Description (A-Z) Sequence
    • Warehouse Bin (A-Z) Sequence
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue Save button.

These preferences will now apply to future labels and packing slips print bundles that you create!

NOTE: labels already purchased cannot re-sequenced. The print bundle will always use the sequence setting in place when the labels were purchased.


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