Print a USPS SCAN form on | How To

On occasion, you may need to print your USPS SCAN form directly from The following steps will walk you through that process.

How to: Print a USPS SCAN form on

  1. Log into’s website with your Username and Password. Learn how to get your credentials here
  2. Navigate to your print history by going to HISTORY >> SEARCH PRINT HISTORY.
  3. Expand the Eligible for section and select Create Scan Form.
  4. Review the list of labels and see if there are any labels you’d like to add to a scan form. Select these labels and click Create Scan Form for Selected Packages.

If you need to reprint a USPS Scan Form, you select HISTORY  >> SEARCH PRINT HISTORY>> REPRINT SCAN FORM and any scan forms  you need to reprint.


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