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On occasion, you may need to print your USPS SCAN form directly from The process varies depending on whether you (a) have already added the shipments to a USPS SCAN form and need to reprint the SCAN form or (b) if you need to create a new SCAN form for one or more shipments not included on a previous USPS SCAN form. In both cases, the steps to log into your Endicia account are the same.

How to: Log into your Endicia account

  2. Below the Endicia account, click Show Passwords.  Locate your Account ID and Endicia Web Password.  Learn more about locating your Endicia account information.
  3. With your Endicia account information in hand, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to Copy and paste your Account ID and Endicia Web Password.
  4. If you need to reprint a USPS SCAN form: continue to the section "reprint a USPS SCAN Form from your SCAN Form History".
    If you need to generate a new USPS SCAN form: continue to the section "print a new USPS SCAN Form for shipments not listed on another SCAN Form".

How to: Reprint a USPS SCAN Form from your SCAN Form History

  1. Once logged in, hover over My Account >> Reports, and select Scan Forms from the list below.Endicia_SCAN_form_history.png
  2. Select a date range and click submit:
    • Range (Month/ Period/ Day): Maximum range is 3 months or 90 days.
  3. A list of USPS SCAN forms will be generated, including the dates they were created ("Date Created"), how many shipments were included in the SCAN form ("Pieces"), and the Scan form ID.
    • If you only generated one USPS SCAN form in the date range searched, simply select the entry for that date.
    • If you see multiple USPS SCAN forms per date, but know how many packages were on the particular USPS SCAN form needed, search through the "Pieces" column to find the correct entry.
    Alternatively, you can sift through each manually by clicking on the ID of each USPS SCAN form and viewing the specific data included.
  4. After you have found the correct entry, click the link (ID) to view the SCAN Form details. From the top left of the SCAN Form Detail page, click the blue link labeled "SCAN Form".
  5. Print the USPS SCAN form.

How to: Print a new USPS SCAN Form for shipments not listed on another SCAN Form

  1. Once logged in, hover over My Account >> Tools >> Create a SCAN Form.
  2. On the SCAN Form page, you will see a list of shipments eligible for a USPS SCAN form. If there are no shipments listed, none are eligible. Learn more.
  3. Check the box to the left of each shipment you would like to include on the USPS SCAN form. At least once box much be checked. Then select the Continue SCAN Request button.
  4. On the following page, select Create SCAN Request.
  5. Your USPS SCAN form will open in the browser. Print and/or save the USPS SCAN form from the browser. If you close this window, you can access the USPS SCAN form from your SCAN Form History. Click here to jump to those steps.

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