How to: Filter shipped orders in SHIPMENT HISTORY

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Filtering your shipped orders on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page allows you to quickly view and group orders by a specific criteria. For example, you may wish to view and group all international orders, or all orders going to a particular zone.

  1. To filter orders, navigate to the SHIPMENTS tab and select SHIPMENT HISTORY.

  2. There are eight cells to help you filter and find specific orders.


  3. These cells are drop-down menus that contain checkable boxes that will filter your orders for you. For example, "In The Last", allows you to check for orders shipped up to 90 days before.

  4. The filter boxes stack - meaning that if you have multiple boxes checked, then the only orders that meet all of the requirements of the selected filters will display in the shipments pane. You can even check boxes from more than one cell!


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