Filter Shipments in SHIPMENT HISTORY | How To

Filtering the SHIPMENT HISTORY page allows you to quickly view and group shipments by a specific criteria.

Here are a few ways you may wish to filter, to see:

  • International shipments
  • All the shipments in a Batch
  • Shipments created within a specific date range
  • Only shipments that haven't been delivered

To filter shipments:

  1. Go to the SHIPPING tab and select SHIPMENT HISTORY.
  2. There are up to 11 ways to filter and find specific shipments.

    View Filter details

    Fulfilled By Filter FBA shipments by Amazon store. Only visible if an Amazon store is integrated with your account. Learn more.
    Store Filters by store.  
    In The Last Filters shipments processed in the last:
    • hour
    • 4 hours
    • 8 hours
    • 24 hours
    • 7 days
    • 30 days
    • 60 days
    • 90 days.
    Date Range Filters by date range. Limited to 90 day ranges, and up to 120 days previous.
    Carrier Filters by the shipping carrier used.  
    Destination Filters by destination:
    • Domestic (USA)
    • International only.
    Delivery Status Filters by the current USPS delivery status:
    • New
    • In Transit
    • Delivered
    • Delivery Error
    • Unknown.
    Limited to USPS shipments.

    *Filter may not be available if you have connected a personal USPS account to ShippingEasy.
    Store Update Exceptions View shipments that have encountered problems sending shipment updates to your store.  
    Status Filters by label status:
    • Label Ready
    • Label Printed
    • Label Failed
    • Cancelled
    • Drop Shipped
    Batch ID Filters by the batch ID number assigned during group batching and printing. Limited to labels grouped and printed as a batch.
    Returns Filters shipments by:
    • Prepaid Returns
    • Pay-On-Use Returns


  3. These cells are drop-down menus that contain check boxes or lookup fields. When an option is specified, the page will only display shipments that match the filter criteria.

    For example: "In The Last" allows you to check for orders shipped up to 90 days before. But with the filter setting shown, only shipments created in the last 7 days will be displayed.


  4. The filter boxes stack. If you have multiple boxes checked, then the only shipments that meet all of the specified requirements will be displayed. You can even check boxes from more than one cell!
  5. Filters are saved per user login session. If you navigate away from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, returning to this page will display the same filter selections and the same set of shipments. If you need to change or clear the filters, click the Reset option at the top of the filters.




Hello, we had  paid account with you for years, but we have now shut down the company. We have kept this unpaid account in order to see our records.   I need to see the shipping history for June 2017 - December 2017 in order to figure our California sales taxes.  The easy online only goes back 90 days.  Please tell me how I can access our history from 2017.

Thank you, 

Lucy Block

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Just to be clear: I am Lucy Block from CAMY Electronics and Plastics, speaking for Gerard Block.

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Hello Lucy,

Thank you for writing into our forums, we appreciate your feedback. As this is a request to change this feature we have a forum that these go to. Our product team looks over these requests and other shippers can upvote them as well!

The Feature Request forums can be found at in the Community.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist!


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