Select which order statuses sync from Shopify into ShippingEasy | How To

ShippingEasy will show the status information from each order from your store on the ORDERS page. The following order statuses from Shopify will automatically sync to ShippingEasy:

  • Paid and Unfulfilled

The status Unpaid and Unfulfilled is not automatically included in order downloads. You can manually select to include this in order downloads by following these steps.

To select Shopify order statuses to sync into ShippingEasy

  1. From anywhere in-app, navigate to the SETTINGS tab.
  2. Under the INTEGRATION section, select STORES & ORDERS.
  3. Under your Shopify store information, click Edit store settings.
  4. On the ORDERS tab, under "Enable Order Statuses" you will see the current order statuses you have syncing.

    Paid and Unfulfilled Shopify orders will be brought into ShippingEasy with a status of Awaiting Fulfillment.

    Unpaid and Unfulfilled will be brought into ShippingEasy with a status of Awaiting Payment. A Shopify order may be Unpaid and Unfulfilled, for example, when PayPal is reviewing a payment transaction before approving it.

    Partially Refunded orders in ShippingEasy are treated as "Paid and Unfulfilled" orders. To allow orders in the Partially Refunded status to pull into ShippingEasy, the "Paid and Unfulfilled" box must be checked on the Edit Store Settings page in ShippingEasy.
  5. Check the box next to the statuses that you want to sync.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save the changes.



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