How to: Export my product data from AmeriCommerce

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AmeriCommerce gives you the ability to export all of your pertinent data from your products. Exporting your data from AmeriCommerce allows you to do many things such as create a Product Catalog in ShippingEasy.

How to: Export your AmeriCommerce products to a CSV file:

  1. In your AmeriCommerce marketplace, navigate to Tools > Data Export.
  2. Select your export type. We recommend the Product export.
  3. On the "Criteria for Export" page, set your criteria.  You can also export your entire order history by leaving all criteria fields blank. You may see the following options:
    • Store - (if applicable) select the site from which you would like to export customer orders, or leave [All] to view orders from all stores
    • Email after Completion - sends and email with the exported file to the email address specified.
    • Category - select which category (or leave blank for root/ALL) you want to export the data for.
    • Column Mapping – you can specify which field to wish to include in the export
  4. Click the Export button.
  5. On the "Output Format" page, configure your data mapping.  After clicking either the new or edit icons the following popup will display to allow you set up or alter the column mapping.
  6. Similar to mapping columns during a data import into AmeriCommerce, this step allows you to change any AmeriCommerce column to a different name. It may be helpful to reference our list of product data that may be imported into ShippingEasy. Once you have mapped the columns the first time, you can save the configuration at the bottom. The next time you export this file, the settings will be available for selection.
  7. After the needed changes have been made you need to scroll to the bottom of this window and click Save.
  8. To finish the export process, click the Export button and save the file to a location on your computer.
  9. With your file in hand, you can easily upload the final file into ShippingEasy.  Learn how to add items to your Product Catalog.


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