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ShippingEasy offers many different ways to filter your shipped orders on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. For sellers with multiple stores on their accounts, filtering by Store allows you to focus on shipments for a specific website.

Saving your filtered views can be a quick and easy way to filter shipments in the future. Learn more.

To filter shipments by store:

  1. From the SHIPMENTS tab, go to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
  2. On the left side of the page, you will see filtering options and headers. Click on the filter titled "Store". This will open the drop-down menu with each of your stores listed.
  3. Click the small box next to the store you would like to filter by.
  4. Your SHIPMENT HISTORY page will refresh with orders only filtered to the specific store(s) you selected.
You may not immediately see all orders if you have already selected other filters as well. For instance, the filter entitled "In the Last" is defaulted to the last 7 days. This means that if you do not change it to "all", both filters will be applied and you will see the order(s) for the store(s) you selected from the last 7 days.


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