Renew my eBay Authentication Token | How To

If you have noticed your eBay orders are no longer syncing, it may be that your authentication token has expired. eBay limits ShippingEasy to 18 months authentication and then requires re-authentication. In ShippingEasy, a warning message will display and provide a link to renew the connection.

Even if you have not been prompted to renew your authentication token, it is possible to proactively generate a new one. To do so, you need to force ShippingEasy to reconnect with eBay. Learn how to force a store to reconnect.

To renew authentication token in ShippingEasy:

  1. Go to SETTINGS in the top right corner.
  2. Click on STORES & ORDERS under INTEGRATION on the bottom left.
  3. Located under your eBay store, select the blue Click here to renew authentication token! link.
  4. As the user authentication token is created via the user sign-in and consent process ShippingEasy will prompt you to reconnect your eBay store.
  5. The Platform field will be automatically set to eBay.  Enter your Username and click Save.

Once reconnected, ShippingEasy will have access to your new authentication token. 



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