How to: Filter by shipments that failed to update to the store

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If ShippingEasy has detected an issue with the callback to your store(s), orders may not be marked as shipped and tracking details may not have successfully passed back. Our filtering features allow you to view shipments where this may have occurred, helping you with the end of day check to make sure everything is good to go across all stores.

  1. Navigate to SHIPMENTS and select SHIPMENT HISTORY.

  2. Using the menu on the left-hand side, click "Store Update Exceptions".

  3. Choose Update Exceptions to show only the orders with update exceptions.

  4. If you notice some of your shipments didn't update to your store, you can retry the update. Simply tick the boxes on the left-side of the shipments. Then expand the Resend/Retry button at the top of the screen and select Retry Store Order Updates. Learn more.
    NOTE: you can retry 25 shipments at a time. 
  5. Once you have reviewed any update exceptions, you can choose All to go back to showing all shipments with or without exceptions.


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