What if a package is returned due to not enough postage?

ShippingEasy calculates postage based on the shipping addresses, carrier, carrier service, package type, package weight, and package dimensions. If any information is entered incorrectly in ShippingEasy, it could result in insufficient postage for the shipment. If the carrier finds that not enough postage has been purchased for a package, it will be returned to the return address listed on the label.

Are postage refunds available if the package is returned?

No, unfortunately not. Since the package has entered the mail stream, by carrier standards the label has been used.


Can additional postage be added to the original postage purchased to make up the difference?

No, unfortunately not. The original postage has been used towards the cost of receiving and returning the package. A new label for the full postage amount will need to be purchased. ShippingEasy's duplicate label option is an easy way to print a new unique label, just be sure to verify that the shipment details are correct. Learn more about creating a duplicate shipment (note step 6).


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