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What is a scan-based return label?

Unlike prepaid returns, scan-based returns are not paid for when the label is created. Postage is only deducted from your postage account if and when the return label is scanned by USPS into the mail stream.

IMPORTANT: ShippingEasy's scan-based returns are supported through Endicia's Pay-on-Use Returns service. Learn more

If my Endicia account is enabled for Pay-on-Use Returns labels, can I use ShippingEasy's automatic refill postage balance setting?

No. If you have previously used this setting in ShippingEasy, you will need to turn it off. Learn how to disable ShippingEasy's auto refill postage balance setting.

When enabling your Endicia account for Pay-on-Use Returns labels, Endicia will set up auto-postage rules for your Endicia account. These are independent of ShippingEasy's settings and are required to ensure that your postage balance is adequately funded when the scan-based return labels are scanned.

NOTE: if you have both the automatic refill postage balance in ShippingEasy and auto-postage rules in Endicia configured at the same time, you may be charged 2x when refilling your postage balance, and/or experience label failures in ShippingEasy. 

Is there a fee to use Endicia's Pay-on-Use Returns labels? 

ShippingEasy does not charge anything extra for generating scan-based return labels; although, each label generated (whether or not scanned) counts towards your monthly label use and may result in an upgrade to a higher ShippingEasy subscription that supports the extra label volume.

Endicia charges $0.25 per scanned Pay-on-Use Returns label. These transaction fees accumulate and are billed once-per-month using the Endicia payment method on file and are not deducted from your postage balance. For questions, please contact your Endicia representative or call Endicia directly on 800-576-3279 ext. 140.

Do scan-based return labels count toward my monthly shipping volume?

Yes. Scan-based return labels will count towards your monthly shipping volume regardless of whether or not they are scanned in the mail stream. 

How do I create a scan-based return label?

Scan-based return labels can be created for new outbound shipments in one of two ways:

Where can I locate the scan-based return tracking number? 

Your ShippingEasy SHIPMENT HISTORY page will display two tracking numbers for any shipment with a scan-based return label. The scan-based return tracking number will be displayed directly below the outbound tracking number. 

NOTE: tracking data will not update until the label has been scanned by the USPS.

How are my customers notified of the scan-based return label?

Scan-based return labels are printed at the same time as the outbound shipping label and should be included in the initial package sent to your customers.

In what order will documents print for a shipment that includes a scan-based return label?

Whether you opt to generate your documents as PDFs or send them directly to a printer via ConnectEasy, your documents will print in the following order:

  1. Outbound label
  2. Scan-based return label
  3. Packing slip (if applicable)  
TIP: if you use ConnectEasy and only require a reprint of one of the labels, select the option to reprint to file so that you can specify which of the labels to send to your printer.

What label sizes are supported for scan-based return labels?

Scan-based return labels are only supported on 4x6 thermal labels and 4x6 thermal labels with packing slips.

Update your label selection by navigating to SETTINGS >> LABELS.  Then select one of the following options:

NOTE: if a non-supported label type is selected, an error will be displayed on the READY TO SHIP page.  

Can I create a scan-based return label for any order in SHIPMENT HISTORY?

No. Scan-based return labels can only be created with an outbound shipping label and must be selected on READY TO SHIP or setup via a Shipping Rule

Can I create a scan-based return label for any order on READY TO SHIP?

No. Only USPS Domestic shipments are eligible for scan-based returns via ShippingEasy.  

Can I create a scan-based return label via USPS First Class Mail?

Yes, excluding the First Class Large Envelope/Flat. 

Can I create a scan-based return label via USPS Priority Mail?

Yes, excluding the Priority Mail Flat Rate Legal Envelope, Flat Rate Window Envelope, Flat Rate Gift Card Envelope and the Flat Rate Large Board Game Box.

Can I create a scan-based return label via USPS Priority Mail Express?


Can I create a scan-based return label via USPS Parcel Select?


Can I create a scan-based return label via USPS Media Mail?


Can I add Adult Signature to a scan-based return label?


Can I add Signature Confirmation to a scan-based return label?


Can I specify the dimensions of scan-based return shipments? 

No. The cost of the postage will be determined by the package weight or flat rate packaging used, not package dimensions. This ensures accurate postage, even if your customer uses a different box to return the item to you.

If I cancel the original shipment that I created with the scan-based return, is the scan-based return invalidated? 



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