Best of Rules: Create a Scan-based Return Label

ShippingEasy has the option to create a Shipping Rule that will automatically create a scan-based return label with each of your outbound shipping labels.

When you setup this Shipping Rule, you can use the outbound shipments package weight, or assign a Shipping Preset to the scan-based return label.

If you would like to set a specific weight for the scan-based return label, save your custom package dimensions to ShippingEasy and assign the custom Packaging to your Shipping Presets. This custom package will then appear as an option to assign to your shipping rule. Learn more about custom packages and Shipping Presets.

If you would like to use the original outbound shipment weight, you will select the Use shipment's selection rather than a specific custom package.

TIP: if you have a Shipping Rule that applies your Shipping Presets to the outbound shipment, put the rule for the scan-based return option after the rule for the Shipping Preset.

You can review and/or edit the scan-based return label package and weight on READY TO SHIP.

To create scan-based return for outbound shipment rule:

If you are new to ShippingEasy's Shipping Rules, we recommend you take a look at our FAQ guide.

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS.
  3. Select the blue + Add New button.
  4. Set the conditions that will define which outbound shipments require a scan-based return label.

    TIP: only USPS Domestic shipments are eligible for scan-based return labels. Use the Destination condition to filter for Domestic shipments. The Requested service condition may help filter out other carrier shipments.
  5. Set the action to Create scan-based return for outbound shipment
  6. From the adjacent drop down menu, select the Shipping Preset that you would like to use for the scan-based return. This may differ from the outbound carrier selection. Alternately, you can select Use shipment's selection.
    NOTE: you can override this selection on the READY TO SHIP page.

  7. Save your rule.


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