What’s the cheapest way to ship very heavy things?

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So, you have something pretty heavy you need to ship. In the shipping world, heavier means more expensive. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some great tips to help you with your encumbering endeavors.

Flat rate boxes or envelopes

With flat rate boxes, if you can fit it inside the box and it weighs less than a whopping 70lbs, it’s going to cost whatever the current flat rate shipping box price is. Getting your goods to fit properly inside the box may be a bit more difficult. Check out ShippingEasy's Packing Tips for ways to ensure your packages is good to go.

By utilizing the flat rate boxes you’ll be able to send a variety of objects in one go, or several very large or dense items for the same relatively cheap price, compared to standard shipping which would take into account it’s weight and size.


ShippingEasy’s Flat Rate Green

A great tool to utilize is ShippingEasy’s very own Flat Rate Green system. By inputting the details of your package they can usually give you the best possible price on shipments under 20lbs. That’s a whole lot of package!

When you input the specific information for your package, ShippingEasy will be able to figure out what the most economical choice for your package will be, saving you the work.

Remember-if you have a package between 2lbs and 70lbs, these are going to be your best options. Smaller but heavier or denser items will be much easier to ship in the long run, as the heavier and larger objects will be more expensive due to not fitting in the right size of shipping boxes.


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