Cheapest Shipping Options for Heavy Packages | Overview

So, you have something pretty heavy you need to ship. In the shipping world, heavier means more expensive. Fortunately, USPS Priority Mail provides some cheap shipping options to help with your encumbering endeavors.

USPS Flat Rate Boxes or Envelopes:

USPS Priority Mail supports Flat Rate services. With USPS Flat Rate, the postage price is set by the package. If you can fit it inside the box and it weighs less than a whopping 70lbs, it is going to cost a flat rate. Getting your goods to fit properly inside the box may be a bit more difficult. Find packing tips for ways to ensure you pack properly.

By utilizing the Flat Rate boxes, you will be able to send heavy items for a relatively low price.

Dimensional Rates with ShippingEasy’s Flat Rate Green:

USPS Priority Mail dimensional rates, sometimes referred to as cubic rates, reward shippers with cheap rates for very small packages. Not to be confused with dimensional (DIM) weight, both these services use the package dimensions to determine the shipping cost. With dimensional rates, parcels smaller than 0.5 cubic feet, weighing between 2-20 lbs, are eligible for low postage rates.

ShippingEasy helps merchants of all sizes access dimensional rates with Flat Rate Green pricing. Find out how Flat Rate Green dimensional rates work. By inputting the height, width, and length of your package, Shipping will determine if the dimensional rate is less than the weight rate. Then the best rate is selected.

If you have a package between 2lbs and 70lbs, Flat Rate boxes and dimensional rates are going to be your best options. Small and heavy, dense items will be much easier to ship in the long run. While heavier and larger objects will be more expensive due to not fitting in the right size of shipping boxes.


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