Add Line Item to Unshipped Order | How To

ShippingEasy gives you the option to manually add line items to orders before they have shipped.

When creating a manual order or adding a line item to an existing order, typing in the item name or SKU field will display a list of matching entries from the product catalog you can select an entry to have its values used in the fields. Learn more.

NOTE: if you make changes to your Line Items, ShippingEasy may not be able to notify your store when your order is shipped. Learn more.

To add line items to unshipped orders: 

  1. Navigate to your ORDERS page.
  2. Identify the order you would like to modify and select the notepad icon. 
  3. Scroll down and Select +Add New under the Line Items menu option.

  4. Input information for your new line item then select Submit

The new line item will be added to your order!  Any packing slips or pick lists generated after the line item is added will account for the new item.


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